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May 9 - 13, 2016

We Are A.R.M.Y. Strong!!

Each day, we say the Continental Creed: "As a member of the Continental Army, I promise to be Accountable, Respectful, Motivated to Learn, and do mY best." We also remind students of our school goal of achieving a letter grade of a B in three years or less....Students will hear us say "Are you helping us get to a B in 3?" If we all focus on being ARMY Strong every day, we will reach this goal!

Summer School Applications

Washington will be hosting summer school again this year for current 6th and 7th graders. Applications are in the front office. Please encourage your child to complete the application and return to school. Summer school will run from May 31st - June 24th. Summer school runs from 8:00am - 11:00am. Students can also sign up for the Parks program which is hosted at Glenwood Leadership Academy. We have those applications also. Please don't hesitate to contact the office with any questions.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Thank you to all of you who donated food items for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon! We had a feast of all feasts! Our teachers and staff felt the appreciation of our families this week. We've never had so many items donated. Thanks, too, to our PTSA for grilling out, setting up the Media Center, decorating, and organizing the meal!

Students' Giving Back

We feel it is important that our students learn the importance of giving back to their community. Our students chose from a list of service projects to complete last week. Students weeded our flower beds, planted shrubs, mulched, planted the garden, painted the bike rack, the pergola, and the basketball goals. They also organized the science, math, and reading closets and labeled and shelved the library books. Students reported back that they loved the projects! We took a lot of pictures and posted them on our Facebook page. Please check that out to see the students working hard to leave the school better than they found it. It was moving to see their excitement when they finished a project or planted a flower for the first time. One student reported, "Washington is getting better every single day!"

Homeroom Baskets for the Arts and Crafts Fest are Due by Thursday

Our first annual WMS Arts and Crafts Festival will be on May 14th. We're now accepting donations for a silent auction. Every homeroom was given a themed basket last week. Please send in the items for your child's homeroom basket by Thursday. The homeroom whose basket sells for the most money will receive a pizza party. Please plan to join us for some family fun on Saturday from 10-4. We will have arts and crafts vendors, food trucks, bounce houses, games for the kids, and live music. We're looking forward to sharing the day with our families and community.

8th grade recognition scheduled for May 18th

All 8th grade students will want to get May 18th on the calendar! We will recognize the accomplishments of our 8th grade class during our 8th grade Recognition Ceremony at Boose High School's Auditorium at 8:30am. PTSA will host the 8th grade Block Party on the front lawn of WMS after the ceremony. Please be sure to let friends and family know the date and time for this event.

Cheerleading Clinics and Tryouts for the 2016-2017 School Year

Any 5th through 7th grade girl interested in a spot on the WMS Cheerleading squad for next school year needs to attend the clinic on Monday and Tuesday of this week and tryouts on Wednesday. All sessions are from 3:00-4:30pm. If you have questions, you can contact Audrey TenBarge.

Washington Middle School Day

Several years ago, the mayor of Evansville proclaimed May 9th Washington Middle School Day. We're proud to be part of the Evansville community and are thankful for the support of our students, families and community.

Choir Spring Concert

Monday, May 9th, 6-7pm

1801 Washington Avenue

Evansville, IN

City Track Meet

Tuesday, May 10th, 4:30pm

5400 North 1st Avenue

Evansville, IN

PTSA Badge of Merit Luncheon

Wednesday, May 11th, 11am

6636 East Lloyd Expressway

Evansville, IN

All students who completed the PTSA Badge of Merit program will be rewarded with a lunch at Red Robin on Wednesday. Please make sure your child has returned their permission slip in order to go. Congratulations to those students who completed all requirements to achieve that honor!

Bosse Attendance District Art Show

Wednesday, May 11th, 6pm

1300 Washington Avenue

Evansville, IN

6th and 7th Grade Honors Night

Thursday, May 12th, 6pm

1801 Washington Avenue

Evansville, IN

Students who have maintained at least a 3.0 GPA average for the first three quarters of the school year received an invitation for the 6th and 7th Grade Honors Night on Thursday, May 12th at 6:00pm. Those invitations went home last week. If you did not receive one and you feel your child has met the requirements, please contact the office to request another one. We look forward to celebrating the accomplishments of our Honors Students this Thursday with an Awards Ceremony and refreshments in our WMS courtyard provided by the PTSA!

7th and 8th Grade Field Trip to Marengo Cave on Thursday

Thursday, May 12th, 8am

Marengo Cave U.S. National Landmark, Marengo, IN, United States

Marengo, IN

All 7th and 8th grade students who have not had a referral for the fourth quarter are eligible for the field trip to Marengo Cave on Thursday. The busses will be back for the 4:30 dropoff. Students are required to have a permission slip to go. if you have not seen one and believe your child is eligible, please contact the office for another one.

6th Grade Field Trip to New Harmony

Friday, May 13th, 8am

New Harmony, IN, United States

New Harmony, IN

All 6th grade students who have not had a referral for the fourth quarter are eligible for the field trip to New Harmony on Thursday. Students are required to have a permission slip to go. if you have not seen one and believe your child is eligible, please contact the office for another one.

join the ptsa!!!! Help us reach our Goal of 225.

Join the PTSA by March 14th and have a chance to win the dart board displayed in the hallway. Already a member? You have already been entered. Join the PTSA and help us hit our goal of 225 members. Spread the word.

PTSA Square Account

Washington PTSA has just launched a square account which will allow the Continental family to purchase spirit wear or pay for the PTSA membership. This is one stop place to show your support for Washington PTSA. Click on the link below to see what all is available.


Letter grade added to RDS Parent Access

We heard from many parents that the new grading system is hard to follow throughout the semester, so we've made some changes. We will continue to grade assessments on the 1, 2, 3 scale in order to adjust our instruction and support student learning. However, we have added the current letter grade on your child's RDS Access, so that it updates after each assessment. We hope this helps to communicate your child's progress throughout the quarter. Thank you for the feedback and for helping us improve our systems! Please contact Ms. Branson if you have additional suggestions for improvement.

Base Exchange

Students are rewarded with points for displaying behaviors that are Accountable, Respectful, Motivated and showing they are Ready to learn. Students have the opportunity to spend those points for different items at the Base Exchange. Students will be able to order items from the base exchange by going to the Washington website (http://www.edlinesites.net/pages/EVSC_WashingtonMS) and using the Google form to submit their request. Please encourage you children to view the site.

New WMS Grading Policy


If you couldn't attend one of the eight parent meetings on our new grading policy last week, you can find the details of the new system at this link. At any time, you can calculate your child's grade in a class by dividing the number of 3's or 3+'s by the total number of assessments entered into the gradebook. Please know that students can apply to retake any assessments by working to learn the material and applying to the teacher. If you have additional questions, please contact Mr. Merriwether, Ms. Branson or Mrs. Shields.

How is your child doing in classes?

Access this link to see your child's grades, discipline, attendance, and schedules. You can also update your contact information or email teachers from this site. If you have questions, you can contact the main office at Washington Middle School.


Homework Hotline

Rose Hulman is again offering their homework assistance through their Homework Hotline. Students may get assistance by calling 877-275-7673, by email, or by chat. Students can find this support by visiting http://askrose.org/. Please encourage your students to visit.

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Enlist in our PTSA

We are in the midst of the membership drive for our PTSA. Please consider joining for a minimum of $7. Your support goes a long way to provide school dances, the 8th grade block party, honors night, and much more. Additional donations allow your student to be recognized with a star on the bulletin board or with a star on their locker. Forms are available in the front office. Please support our Continental ARMY and enlist in the PTSA!

Contact Us!

Please contact us with questions or concerns! If you have specific concerns regarding a teacher or class, we encourage you to email, call or meet with the teacher to work on a solution. Mrs. Bender, our school counselor is your contact for scheduling or student concerns. Mrs. Miller, our school Social Worker, is your contact for community resources, Clothing Bank, and weekend backpacks of food. If you have continued concerns, please contact Mr. Merriwether or Ms. Branson. What we don't know can't be fixed!