The 'Hoot' from 5th grade

Week of 3/03 Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies

Language Arts

Read to Self: 100 Book Challenge Goal: 275; Read 30 minutes every night at your fun, fast and easy level! Please be sure to sign the lines every night - it is homework!

Every student should have a skill card with vocabulary they are learning to move to the next level. Please look over the word list and try to use these words in everyday conversation. This is the best way to learn vocabulary.

Reading: compare and contrast characters

Word Work: Greek/Latin roots tact - touch; Flocabulary Unit 2

Math and Science

Math Topic: Topic 10 - adding/subtracting mixed fractions and improper fractions

Science: force and motion; CAP test on Wednesday

Science web site: science for

Social Studies

Europeans in America

Big Idea: What factors brought people to the Western Hemisphere?

Chapter 5 lesson 5 Life Under Slavery; video - Harriet Tubman Story; vocabulary: free state, abolition, spiritual; CAP test on Thursday

Information Math & Science


Seiberling phone: 330-761-7956

Things You Should Know

--Classroom supplies needed: kleenex and purell

--Tribal Island begins this week!

--Congratulations to Jared Ankney, Autumn Dennison, Katie Farmer and Dorian Keys who participated in our Black History assembly - Nice job!

--This has improved - thank you! - Please limit the amount and type of jewelry (over sized earrings, necklaces) worn to school so that students stay safe and focused on learning