The geography of Southern Colonies is exquisite. It has the warmest climate, it has gorgeous scenery, crystal clear lakes, and lots of great soil for people to farm and plant good crops! The climate was a positive factor to all people living their because they didn't have to survive harsh, cold winters. You can always be outdoors and feel comfortable. It's included with rich farms, forests, and fish.

Southern Topics

Religion & Government

Most people in Southern Colonies were Anglican Faith. (Form of Christianity). In Maryland, they were open to any kind of Religion that YOU truly believed. Government wise, they had a Governor and a Legislative Branch. If you're a Christian and over twenty-one, you're able to vote. Aside from Christianity, you have your own freedom in Southern Colonies!

Daily Life/Kids

The lifestyle depends on the climate and geography. Usually, only wealthy families could afford to send their children to school and get educated. Other families couldn't afford to send their children to school. So, many of them helped and worked on the farm with their mother and father.


Economy & Slaves

Economy was based on plantations and slavery. The main crop that was grown was Tobacco. Another crop that was planted was Rice. They got money from selling different types of crops and that's what the Economy was based on. MOST money was made from PLANTATION SLAVERY. Slaves were used for Rice Growing Colonies. They were also used for Plantation Slavery. It wasn't anything serious or harsh that they had to go through.


As you can see, Southern Colonies is the best place to live. The geography is absolutely beautiful and you can never look away! It's spectacular. They're open to ANY kind of RELIGION that you truly believe in. You have your very own freedom here. What's better than that? Nothing! You could be who you want and there's no hassle over it. Kids can go to school and get educated but usually only wealthy families send their children to school. On the other hand, if you work extra hard, you can send your own child to school. There's always hope. Also, money is a great thing. Especially in Southern Colonies! You grow different types of rich crops, sell them, and you get money! CHA-CHING! Slaves aren't used in a bad way. No one was harmful to them nor were they being violent. They were just there to help out people on some plantation. We're no harm here! The South makes you feel at home and is a great place to live. There are many pros to it. Live life, breathe happiness. The Southern Colonies!