St. Lawrence Every Friday Note

April 22, 2022

Busy (and exciting) Times!

Hello Ram families!

Well, the work week started with snow on the ground and is ending with beautiful spring temperatures! The weather isn't the only thing going through changes. The gym is currently in the transformation phase in preparation for tomorrow night's Father Beechem Backyard Bingo. Thank you to all of the volunteers who have worked tirelessly to organize and put this event together. It is a great time for all who attend and it is a blessing for many Rams scholars!

ILearn is in full swing! Grades 5-8 have been testing this week. Grades 7-8 will finish on Monday and grades 5-6 finish on Tuesday. Grades 3-4 begin next Wednesday and will test through Friday May 6th. It is extremely important that your child is at school to take these tests. The testing times begin at 8am. It is vital that they are here for these tests, as it can be very difficult to make up tests.

Registration for the 2022-2023 school year is underway and going well. If you have not registered yet, you have until Friday May 13th before the first round of registration is paused until June 13th. More details below.

Yearbook sales are underway as well. Yearbooks can be purchased through Wednesday (April 27) at the school office for $11. Payment can be made with cash of check. Or you can use a credit card by going to the link:

Type in the school name and you can order from there.

Father Beechem Donation Letter

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PFO Spring Flower and Trash Bag Sale

Order forms for our spring trash bag sale will come home with students after spring break. We will have a flower sale similar to last year on Friday April 29th. There will not be any advanced orders for flowers. This will also be our trash bag pick up date. The profits of this fundraiser directly benefit the school and students. Thank you for your support!

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

St. Lawrence will be celebrating Earth Day next Tuesday. The students will be beautifying our campus and creating a game or craft using recycled materials. We will conclude with a "dirt pudding" treat. We need the following:

--water bottle caps

--egg cartons-made from cardboard

--pop can tabs

--old crayons--preferably blue and green

--toilet paper or paper towel rolls

If you have any of these things please send them in on Monday or Tuesday.

Thank you!

First Communion Retreat

This retreat will be held on Saturday April 24th from 10:30AM-4PM at the school cafeteria. Contact Claudia Diaz with questions.

Registration for the 2022-2023 School Year is Underway!

Registration Procedures

  • Our preschool accepts the On My Way Pre-k voucher and enrollment is open at The child must be 4 by August 1st to qualify.

Registration for 2022-2023 opens on Monday, March 14th!

Current and new families will be registering at the same time. Registration will be open until May 13th.

All you need to do at this time is to register online through our website on the enrollment tab.

CURRENT students should be registered through the current student form and NEW students should be registered through the new student form for K-8.

If you have a CURRENT Preschool student registering for Kindergarten in 2022/23 - you will use the CURRENT K-8 student form.

If you have a CURRENT or NEW preschool student registering for Preschool in 2022/23 - you will use the Preschool registration form.

On April 1st, Mr. Maxson will take a first look at all of the students that are registered. Current students that are not on conduct or academic probation or delinquent on tuition payments, will be pending accepted. At that time, you will receive a letter from the school office with your student's pending accepted status, registration paperwork for the school office and financial aid paperwork for Mrs. Handley. You will also receive a bill for the registration fee which will be due in full by May 1st.

Parents of NEW students will be contacted by the school office after the registration is received to obtain required paperwork for Mr. Maxson to determine if they can be accepted.

If your student IS on conduct or academic probation or if you are delinquent on tuition payments, you will receive a letter that your student's registration is not accepted at that time.

On May 13th, registration will close for new and current families. Mr. Maxson will take another look at students that are registered and make changes to their status, if necessary. If you register between April 1st and May 13th, your registration fee will be due 30 days after the paperwork and bill noted above is sent to you.

On June 6th, Mr. Maxson will take a final look at those students that are registered and make changes to their status, if necessary. Any students that were pending accepted and finished the school year without conduct or academic probation, whose parents have paid their tuition bill and the registration fee, and financial paperwork has been returned to Mrs. Handley - will be marked accepted and added to class lists.

At that time, if we still have openings in our classes, we will reopen registration on June 13th.

Please note that if your student is on conduct or academic probation or your tuition payments are not current, your student's registration will not be accepted and their "spot" will not be held on the class lists. It is our hope that those students currently on conduct or academic probation will achieve positive growth before the end of the school year so they can be accepted for next year. It is our hope that those families delinquent on tuition, will make and keep payment agreements with the goal of tuition bills being paid in full by the end of the school year. Please contact Mr. Maxson or Mrs. Handley if you would like to enter a payment agreement so that your student can be considered for next school year. We are willing to work with our parents on payment agreements. Please reach out today!

A note from Mrs. Handley: If you will be applying for any form of financial aid - CHOICE Scholarship, SGO - Tax Credit Scholarship or Father Beechem Educational Fund Scholarship, please bring or email me a copy of Page 1 and 2 of your 2021 FEDERAL Tax Form 1040. Please see samples below of what these pages look like.

School Uniform Sale

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Attendance/Mass Policy

Our school day starts at 7:25 am and ends at 3:15 pm. During this time, instruction is taking place. Tardiness and early pick up, although at times necessary, interfere with the required instruction time for your child. Consistent tardiness or early departure greatly hinders your child's ability to learn and become proficient in the required standards set forth by the state of Indiana. Please be supportive of our family handbook and honor the arrival and pick up times to ensure that your child receives the very best education possible.

A note to this. If you are late arriving on a Wednesday or Friday, which are our scheduled school mass days, please take your child to the church prior to 9:15 am. Mass is a special opportunity to spend time twice a week with Jesus in worship. It is a part of our school day and one of the truly special opportunities that students enrolled in a Catholic school get to participate in that they would not be able to otherwise. This is considered part of our curriculum. Please make every effort to ensure that your child is in school to be able to be a part of this time.

Covid 19 Updates

For the week of April16-22:

Confirmed Positive Results: 0

Quarantined students: 0

School Lunch Box

School meal programs nationwide are experiencing many of the same supply chain issues that have impacted restaurants and grocery stores throughout the pandemic. Our school nutrition team is committed to ensuring students have access to healthy meals each school day. Just as families had to make substitutions on grocery lists last year, St. Lawrence may have to make some last-minute changes to our regular menus, based on availability. We hope parents and students will be patient as we sort through these supply chain issues, particularly with breakfast items such as cereal. PBJ Uncrustables are not available either. The upside? Ingredients for our many scratch prepared foods are more readily available and we've been trying new recipes weekly. We remain committed to providing nutritious and delicious meals so that students are ready to learn!

April Lunch Menu

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