Tawanka Times

4th Grade

Mrs. McNickle's class is reading Time for Kids to be informed of current events.
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2nd Grade

Mrs. Hanna's class celebrates positive behavior with a "camp out"!

Working Together

Mrs. Wendling's 1st Grade and Mrs. McHugh's 4th Grade classes gathered together for a

ginger bread glyph "buddy" activity.

Title 1 Parent Night

Thank you to all of the current Title 1 families that were able to attend our Reading Horizons night at Ferderbar Elementary. The session was designed to give easy-to-learn strategies for decoding and spelling words when practicing at home. It was a great night. Thanks for taking the time to come out!!

Title 1 Invitation

Parents and Guardians,

Please be on the lookout for information regarding our mid-year Parent/Teacher Conferences that will be held in late January. The holidays provide a great opportunity to spend time together reading as a family. Here are some suggestions for how to nurture a growing reader:

1. Read daily with your child.

2. Notice what interests your child and help them find books about those things.

3. Check on your child’s progress by listening to them read aloud, read what they write, and ask teachers how they are doing in school.

4. Continue reading aloud to older children even after they have learned to read independently.

5. Praise your child’s effort and newly learned skills.

Title 1 Aides

The Title 1 Aides got to visit with Santa!
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Philadelphia Zoo Presentation

Elise Winterberger from the Philadelphia Zoo gave a presentation on what it’s like to work at the Zoo and the work she does to care for the animals at the zoo.

Holiday Concert

The Orchestra and Chorus performed an in school concert for the teachers and students this week.

Parents and family members were treated to a concert in the evening.


Kindergarten had a great day decorating giant gingerbread men!

Parents came in to help with the fun.

Movie Trip

To kick off the holiday break, the whole school enjoyed a trip to the movies to see the Grinch.

Tawanka Safety Procedures

With the changing world in which we live, Tawanka has set in place STRICT safety procedures.

All visitors MUST scan their driver's license in the Kiosk when they enter the visitor's door.

All clearances MUST be on file in the office to attend any in-school activity during school hours including class activities, field day and field trips. Click on the link below to view info on how to obtain your clearances.


Science and Technology Professionals Wanted

The popular Neshaminy STEAM Expo (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) will be held Tuesday, May 7 2019 from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. We are looking for community partners (businesses and individuals) to share demonstrations and exhibitions with hundreds of students and their families during the Expo. This is a great opportunity to share your love of science, technology and art with the next generation! Please contact David Geanette, dgeanette@neshaminy.org for more information or to sign up.

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