Ocelots are awesome!!

By: Liana + Laila

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Identifing ocelots

Each ocelot has its own unique pattern. With their dark brown and black spots ,they camouflage in the leafy greens of the rain forest. They have donut-shaped spots that sometimes link and make chains.


Ocelots live in the rain forests of south and central america in south western USA. Ocelots are most likely to be seen on the forest floor. If you happen to be at the rain forest at night you might see an ocelot in the understudy or canopy. They also might be found in other places with thick vegetation.

Predators and Prey

Ocelots are meat eaters . They eat small mammals such as monkeys, fish, birds, and snakes. Ocelots hunt at night, in the understory and canopy. Although they EAT their prey, ocelots often are harassed by groups of prey such as monkeys and birds. Ocelots have to worry about eating food but they also have to try not to end up BEING food! Ocelots have predator such as larger cats, boa constrictors, anacondas, and harpy eagles.


Ocelots have many adaptations. They have a layer in their eyes that collects light so they can see in the dark. Ocelots have a good sense of smell. Their sense of smell helps them hunt in the dark. Ocelots have long whiskers that help them feel around in the dark. All of these adaptions help this animal survive!