Traveling the oregon trail

By: Jeremy Yuki (Kacie Donaldson)

Journal Entry #1

Today is April 26, 1854. My family and I decided to leave yesterday to travel to Oregon hoping to find a better life for my children along with a better job. My family coming with me consists of Mary, my six year old daughter, Allison, my ten year old daughter, Charlie, my friends son who is 14 years old and Charolette, my wife. We are also traveling with 6 other wagons. I came to Michigan from Germany hoping to find a job as a lumber jack, but failed. I left with 150$ hoping that that will be enoght to support my family on our journey.

Because I do not have very much money, we crossed the Missouri river with our horses rather than on the fairy. Fortunatley, we crossed successfully and nothing went wrong. I decided it was very important to go hunting at every opportunity, knowing that fresh meat would soon be rare, so I did. My family and I were very happy when I caught 50 pounds of Buffalo! Our journey these past couple of days have been going greatly. Along the trail we ran into an Indian who wanted to gamble, and I thought it was a good idea because we don't have much money. I got 25$ and fresh meat!

Journal Entry #2

So far our journey has been going very well, we still have plenty of fresh meat, food, and all of our supplies. Although today we got very delayed, and lost 50$ running into some Indians, which was not good considering how little money we have. While on the tral today my daughter got her leg under our wagon wheel, and unfortunately se broke it. We had to use wood as splints and hold it together with rope.

Today along the trail there was another river. We decided that we shouldn't spend the money crossing the river on a fairy so we crossed it ourselves Sadly our wagon tipped while trying to cross a river and we lost 100 bulk weight units of supplies.

Journal Entry #3

Along the trail today, we got off to a very good start. These past couple of days have been going great, we have plenty of food and all the supplies we need. As went on the trail, it split into two different paths. We decided to go on the more dangerous path, only because it was twice as fast as the other one, and we knew it was important to get there fast because many people are coming and spots would fill up quickly.

We stopped at another place to hunt along the trail. Sadly, I didn't catch anything, and lost my gun. We lost some time filling our water buckets, since we were running low. My 6 year old daughter got cholera from drinking the river water. This was very sad for my family and the wagons traveling with us.

Journal entry #4

We are getting close to Oregon, and the weather is getting cold, since its almost winter. we lost 400 bulk weight units of supplies while gambling again with an Indian tryig to get more freah food. We are also running low on food and money, which is why we didn't pay to cross the river on a fairy. Everyone knows it is very important to get to Oregon as fast as possible. We got 1700 speed points along the trail these past few days.

We decided to go through the cold weather to Oregon hoping that the camp site is open, rather than waiting till next fall. We knew this was dangerous because if the camp was not open, we would not be able to go anywhere and would die. Thankfully when we arrived the campsite was still open. Although unfortunatley we were only one out of two wagons who survived, and the other wagons didn't make it far enough.

Pictures from our journey: