By Dava Morrow


  • about 1.8 million live with amputations a year
  • most common reason is because of damage or narrowing of the arteries
  • trauma is the 2nd cause for amputation
  • tumors are the 3rd most common cause for amputations
  • 77% is males
  • 80% of diabetic amputations are over 50 years old
  • 3 million amputees in the US

The Running Dream

The book I read was about a girl who was on the track team at school. She was the best on the team. She got in a car accident and had to get her leg amputated. Her team at school helps her raise enough money for her to get a running leg and start back up. She goes back out and practices super hard to get where she was before this all happened. After all the hard work shes back on the top and is winning again!