The Howlometer™!

A quick way to calculate your stress for an easier sleep!

So what IS the Howlometer™?

Well my friends, the Howlometer™ is a great way to calculate you stress and see if you need anything to calm yourself down before you catch some Z's! This device is very easy to use, so don't worry about anything complicated!
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So, what leads to stress?

Mostly work stress, The chart beside this wonderfully typed up info box are mainly what leads to stress. Some examples could be your current physical health, any work you need to do, losing something, maybe even tardiness to your school classes! There are many more, all of which leading to a stressful night and just an overall stressed out mood.

Of course, silly!

You ever wonder why your pet always leaves an avalanche of pet fur around the house for you to pick up? Well, did you know that if a pet is stressed, it can lead to increased shedding? Of course you didn't! That's why if you buy the Howlometer, you can put it on to your pet and record his stress as well!
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