Science Newsletter

6th Grade - Heffernan, Nordberg, Schmidt

Unit 3 Force & Motion

We here we are on our way to another new unit - the exciting world of Force and Motion. In this unit we will explore potential and kinetic energy, changes in position, direction, and speed of an object when acted upon by unbalanced forces, calculate average speed using distance and time measurements, measure and graph changes in motion, and investigate how inclined planes and pulleys can be used to change the amount of force to move an object. WOW!!! That's a lot. Over the next few weeks you will see your student watching BrainPop videos, learning through digital lessons and virtual labs, and student will be working with hands on lab/learning like pulleys, inclined planes, cars, ramps, books, meter sticks, measuring tapes and much more. Students will also be working together to create their own investigation lab on force and motion!!!!! I'm super excited

Check out all these Vocab Words.

  • energy,
  • kinetic energy,
  • potential energy,
  • mechanical energy,
  • energy transformation,
  • law of conservation of energy,
  • position,
  • speed,
  • motion,
  • velocity,
  • acceleration,
  • force,
  • inertia,
  • lever,
  • pulley,
  • inclined plane
The story of kinetic and potential energy

The Story of Potential and Kinetic Energy

WOW!! Does anyone remember this video from their days of school? Check out this slow animation. It's retro! Or maybe it's Hipster! Naawww, maybe it's nothing, but it's a very informative animated video!!
What is Kinetic and Potential Energy?

What is Kinetic and Potential Energy?

Ok, Ok, Ok. I know what you're thinking. But come one, indulge your nerdy science teacher once more. This one is really short only 1:23!!!