What is Antarctica?

Antarctica is the fifth largest continent in the world and nobody owns this continent. It is the coldest place on earth, from the beginning nobody lived in Antarctica. Antarctica is twice as big as Australia and it was named by the Ancient Greeks.


Antarctica is the most coldest and unhabital place on earth due to the harsh conditions. The coldest day is recorded in Antarctica was -89.2 degrees and there are whiteouts which is when all you can see is WHITE.

Flora And Fauna

In Antarctica hardly any animals can survive there, so that's why there wasn't any owners of the land because we cannot survive in these harsh conditions. There are a few plants in Antarctica and the scientist have found out that, the plants was found in Antarctica are the same types of flora found in Tasmania.


In Antarctica the ice sheets is 2.5km deep and has the largest ice sheet in the world. The ice sheet has been built over hundreds and thousands of years, so the scientists have to drill into the ground to find the ice. Nearly all of Antarctica is made up of ice and no ice sheets are found in the Mountians or Dry Valleys.

Global Warming

Many years ago, Antarctica was covered in ice but to this day the ice is melting and we are destroying nature by pollution. The tempretures are incresing and that would cause the ice sheet to melt which would lead to make the ocean to rise. There is a hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica so that means we are killing nature by pollution.