Sexual Assault

By: William Marino

Date Rape

An action normally performed or used a lot at night clubs. It uses a drug called GHB which is a tasteless, scentless, and be dissolved in people's drink, mainly in alcohol. When mixed with alcohol it can be a deadly drug. It makes the victim pass out and no remember anything, that men use to have sex with someone.


1. Date Rape- Sexual intercourse forced on the victim.

2.Coercion- Talked into doing something they don't want to do.

3. Consent- Voluntarily Agreeing with somebody to do something.

4. Harass- to bother or annoy.

5. Offender- the person that did it.

6. Rape- forced sexual intercourse.

7. Sexual Abuse- an adult forces a child to have sex with them.

8. Sexual Assault- An activity of sexual intercourse.

9. Sexual Harassment- sexual interaction with others.

10. Statutory Rape- sexual act with 13, 14, or 15 years old.

11. Stranger Sexual assault- sexual intercourse with a person you don't know