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Monday, January 26, 2015

Team Meetings

This weeks Team Meetings have been rescheduled. They are as follows:

Diamond/Emerald - Monday, February 2

Topaz/Ruby - Tuesday, February 3

Sapphire/Garnet - Thursday, February 5

Amethyst - Friday, February 6

Opal/Turquoise - Monday, February 9


If you are holding a class (even your MA) in a different location, please write it on the whiteboard in the office. Reserving a room does not notify staff that you are in a different room. Thank you.

Midfest Rehearsals

Our rehearsals for Midfest started Wednesday, January 21 at Sedgwick Middle School.

So in order for students not to miss any class time, it has been approved that for the following Wednesdays grades 6 and 8 will switch learning labs to accommodate mid-fest rehearsal. That means 6th grade learning lab will be held during period 8 and 8th grade learning lab will be held during period 9:

February 4

February 25

March 4

March 11

March 18

Gwen Cardona


Good afternoon all!

There are quite a few students that are missing their padlocks. If you have any padlocks on your desk that are not identified, can you please bring them down to the office so that I can check in the Locker Database for the student.

Thank you! Students will appreciate it.


Grading & Progress Reports Schedule update.