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Week Ending: March 7, 2014

This Week In…..

Writing: we wrapped up our Informational writing unit! We celebrated by having each student teach his/her classmates about his/her topic. Students created posters to use as a presentation tool. The posters incorporated many different pieces of information students wanted to share. Some students added text or graphic features, while others used bullets to point out information specific to a chapter.

Reading: we read a humorous fiction chapter titled A Mr. Rubbish Mood. This is an excerpt from the text Judy Moody Saves the World written by Meghan McDonald. The story is about Judy and her mission to do her part in saving the environment. During this story, we reviewed vocabulary terms and worked on the target skill: author’s purpose and the strategy: monitor/clarify. Please continue to reinforce the concept of author’s purpose with your child. In class, we reviewed author’s purpose and the acronym P.I.E. (persuade, inform, entertain). We took author’s purpose a step further and discussed theme. Students learned that theme is the big idea or lesson the author wants readers to know. We spent time monitor and clarifying our reading as we searched for the theme in our anthology and in our independent readings selections. At home, encourage your child to practice identifying the theme in their personal readings. Please continue to remind your child to monitor and clarify their reading by re-reading, reading on, and looking at the pictures.

Math: we took our Unit 6 Assessment and began working on Unit 7. This unit focuses primarily on multiplication. This week we worked on our multiplication and division facts by identifying patterns on the number grids, working with square numbers, and completing number puzzles. Please remind your child to show his or her work on ALL math homework. If students need scrap paper to show their work, please attach it to their homework. They may also use the back of their homework!

Cursive: we reviewed the formation of all the letters we’ve learned: c, a, d, g, h, t, p, e, l, f, u, y, i, and j.


Poet in Residence!

  • This week we will have a poet named Therese Halscheid visiting our class!! Therese will spend 3 days with all of the third grade classes helping students create poetry. For families who have had a third grader already, I'm sure you remember the incredible poetry the students write! We will have some of these poems on display during this year's Expo!!

Read Across America:

  • I'm so proud of 3L's participation in Read Across America!! It was great to see how enthusiastic and excited all of the kids were! Our class read approximately 3,000 minutes! That's very impressive!!

Homework Access:
  • If students forget their Journeys Textbook, it can be accessed through think central.com. Students have logins and passwords in the front of their Agendas. EDM Home Links can be accessed through everydaymathonline.com. The login information is also in the front of your child's Agenda book. My eBoard has additional information on logging in under the Language Arts and Math tabs.

  • Please check our eBoard and contact me if your child would like to celebrate his/her birthday in school.

Important Dates for 3L:

Happy Birthday to:

  • Ava!

Poet of the Week:

  • Teddy: Friday, March 14, 2014
  • Poems must be submitted for teacher approval before a student presents

Star of the Week:

  • Owen: Monday, March 10, 2014

Guest Reader:

  • Tracy Jenish: Friday, March 14th @ 2:30

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Central Events

March 19 CS PTA Meeting @ 7:30

March 21 Family Fun Night

March 24 Report Cards Open

Specials Next Week:

Monday is a Day 6:

  • Health

Tuesday is a Day 1:

  • Gym and Spanish

Wednesday is a Day 2:

  • Gym and Music

Thursday is a Day 3:

  • Art and Strings

Friday is a Day 4:

  • Spanish

A Word From Third

#17 March 7, 2014

Dear Miss Lipski,

This week I really enjoyed doing Dr. Suess week! I liked PJ Day and the Olympic's starring Mrs. Simkus and Mrs. Miller!!!!!!!!!!