Endangered Species

What Is A Jaguar?

A jaguar is a mammal. It has beautiful black coat and it also has magnificent tan fur with black spots. It is the biggest cat in South America. Native American culture is part of the jaguar.

Where Do I Live.....

I live in different parts of South and North America. There natural Habitat is living in the forest up in a tree.

Why Does It Matter If Jaguars become extinct?

It matters because if jaguars became extinct there would be many more animals such as adult caimans, deer, capybaras, tapirs, peccaries, dogs, foxes, and sometimes even anacondas. However, the cat will eat any small species that can be caught, including frogs, mice, birds, fish, sloths, monkeys, and turtles. Also if the jaguar becomes extinct then the jaguars predetor will also become extinct because there is no jaguars to feed on.

Why Are Jaguars Becoming Extinct?

They are becoming extinct because people are hunting/poaching them and next people are cutting down their natural habitat and also they are polluting the air which harms the jaguars that is why jaguars are becoming extinct.

How Can Human Help Me........

Humans can help me by not poaching me, stop cutting down my natural habitat, and also stop polluting the air so it would not harm me and do not litter the water or near the our habitat or I will most likely eat the litter and die from the bad bacteria on the trash.

Are They Still Endangered?

There are, but they are trying not be endangered because now it is forbidden in most countries to go hunting for jaguars and other animals.

Where Are Jaguars Endangered ?

They are endangered in Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Louisiana, Central and South America.