Greer Middle College Charter H.S.

Wednesday Wrap Up


  • Friday is a "A" day.
  • There will be no dress down on Friday.
  • We will have a Cluster meeting Friday, September 11 in B4 at 1:50. Please view Laura's email related to your bring back.
  • There will be no meeting after Cluster.
  • Ms. Clement was in an auto accident. She is ok and was here today. Coach Mills has a child going through some medical issues. Please check on both as you see them over the next couple of days.
  • There was a bad T-storm that went through this area last Friday night. It caused a power surge and/or lightning strike in our village. Three issues have occurred. 1. The 2nd fire alarm panel was hit causing B24-29 alarms to signal. That has been turned off and now repaired by Cintas. The second issue revolves around one of our switches. A switch is used to transfer information from our servers to portables. It is like our central nervous system. That switch has 48 ports/connections with cables going to portables to computers and phones. Rodney has moved those cables to a secondary switch; however, EACH of the 48 cable ports must be reconfigured in order to communicate through the secondary switch. That is not a simple plug and play solution. The third issue involves our phone system. Our phones use the internet to communicate and used the bad switch. Each of the phone ports on the switch end must be reconfigured to the secondary switch. This will take some time so thank you for being patient.
  • Ms. Schonhar sent an email related to Blazer Block. Please read.
  • There is an attachment from James about Safe Schools. Please login and complete the information. This is a requirement.
  • We have a confirmed date of Friday, September 11 for underclassmen pictures. We will call by Blazer Block. Pictures will occur in B29.
  • Progress report grade verifications are due by Noon Thursday, Sept. 17. Progress reports will go home Friday, September, 18. New teachers please get with your buddy if you need help with this process.
  • This link provides ideas of how to begin and end class: 1.
  • 2. 5 ways to help students become better questioners:
  • Have a great rest of the week!