End of Course Testing

December 7-11

About the Georgia Milestones/End Of Course Assessments

The Georgia Milestones/End of Course Testing will be taking place from Monday, December 7 - Friday, December 11.

The Georgia Milestones Assessment System is designed to provide information about how well students are mastering the state-adopted content standards in the core content areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Importantly, Georgia Milestones is designed to provide students with critical information abo​u​t their own achievement and their readiness for college or career.

End of Course Assessments are given in the following subject areas:

  • English: 9th Grade Literature and American Literature
  • Math: Coordinate Algebra and Analytic Geometry
  • Science: Biology and Physical Science
  • Social Studies: US History and Economics

The End of Course Assessment is 20% of the student's final course average, so it is extremely important our students perform their best. Additionally, the End of Course Assessments are an integral component of Druid Hills' performance on the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI), our school's report card.

Assessment Schedule


  • US History
  • Economics
  • Analytic Geometry


  • 9th Grade Literature


  • Physical Science


  • American Literature


  • Biology
  • Coordinate Algebra

Please note that Druid Hills High School will be on an adjusted bell schedule the entire week.

How Can I Help My Student?

Students who are prepared, calm, and rested perform better on tests. Here are some of the many ways to help your student approach Georgia Milestones in a relaxed, positive way:

  • Encourage your student to employ good study and test-taking skills. These skills include following directions carefully, avoiding careless errors, and reviewing work.
  • Explain the purpose of the tests. The assessments give students an opportunity to show what they have learned in school. They also give teachers information that helps them plan instruction.
  • Point out that some items may be more difficult than others.
  • Be certain your student gets plenty of sleep and has a healthy breakfast and lunch. Taking tests is hard work for many students and can require a lot of energy.
  • Be certain your student is at school on time. Rushing and worrying about being late could affect performance on the tests.
  • Remember to ask your student about the testing at the end of each day

Georgia Milestones Questions and Answers for Parents