Mt Winterslow Happenings

Mt Winterslow Happenings

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Digital Ambassadors

On Monday 21st of March, Mt Winterslow had their first session with Neysa Koizumi. Neysa is promoting responsible digital citizenship within our kura. The goal of Digital Ambassadors is for students and teachers to work together to promote safety and wellbeing within their learning environment. We learnt to use preventative strategies on how to be safe on the internet, such STOP, BLOCK & TALK.

If you come across something online that makes you feel scared, not safe or uncomfortable, or someone is being mean, bullying or asking inappropriate questions: STOP what you are doing, BLOCK yourself from doing it more, if you need to take a screenshot, BLOCK and report the user, then TALK to your [insert trusted adult, whānau, sibling if applicable, older ākonga, etc.].@

EA Network Letters of Appreciation

To show appreciation, Mt Winterslow wrote thank you letters to their EA Network swimming instructors. Student’s thoroughly enjoyed participating in their swimming lessons. As you can see, student’s put a lot of hard work in to the content and presentation of their letters. Thank you Lachie for dropping it into EA Network for us. They loved it so much, they even put it into their display cabinet!

Mt Winterslow Certificate Recipients

Congratulations to the following student’s: Paige Rathi for the most amount of time spent reading on Epic and for completing her Reading Log. Frost Stehouwer for using punctuation (“”, !,?) in his story writing to make it interesting. Special mention awarded to Gabbie Duckmanton for showing initiative & enterprise with organising Mufti & Crazy Sock Day. (READY CHALLENGE)

Ka Mau te Wehi! Awesome! Fantastic

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