Welcome Back 2014-2015

Corinth Middle School

Back to School Information

Fire Drills, Local Goal, STAR schedule, Supervision Duties and more. Please review link/folder sent by google to be up to date and prepared. I will have some of the handouts you need for September printed for you. These will be distributed at September Faculty Meeting.

District Safety Team Reminders for all of us

  • Please wear your ID badge every day using a lanyard or clip.
  • Please lock your classroom every time you leave.

These are directives from the districtwide school safety committee and are put in place to protect students and staff in the event of an emergency.

Links Worth Reading and Watching

The Lorax - Let It Grow (#4)
Eric Sheninger - Digital Leadership

Remind (Remind 101)

Looking for an easier way to keep in touch with parents instead of sending group emails? Check out this app that will send one way text messages/emails to all of your parents for you. It would be perfect for homework and announcement information.

What does an effective teacher's classroom look like?

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