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MAY 20TH 2015 - BEDFORD, TX, 76021


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Photo that Rover took before benig destroyed( Photo Curtsey of NASA Space Station)

Yesterday evening scientists from NASA, has discovered that there are in fact extra-terrestrial creatures on Mars! Dr. Jackson Suineg broke the news in a press conference in Houston, TX. He said, " We had been suspecting of this for over a year now, but had never evidence or proof of any kind to prove it. [The aliens], as a large group, had come really close to the rover, peered into the camera, and then destroyed the rover in 5 seconds. " An astronaut has volunteered for this mission and we will be sending Stenny(astronaut) with a group of scientists in 1-2 years. We interviewed her and she said," I know this is a suicide mission and I know all the risks and I'm really curious about these animals so I want to help you all learn about them." The creatures are

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Six Flags Run Away Mine Train Accident

Some people in Texas chose Spring Break to go to Six Flags and that was a bad decision. On March 11th, 2015 at 10:30 pm a shocking event occurred. A family of 5 couldn't escape the cruelty, and they were met with losing their three children to a horrible accident. The Runaway Mine Train flipped causing Jessica(13), Merina(15), and Natalie(16) to pass away in a horrific death. CNN News interviewed their parents who had made a last minute decision to not ride on the roller coaster has said," They were beautiful children and deserved to live a long life. Their little brother Thomaz doesn't really understand why his sisters are not at home, and he is only 8. " A total of 10 people were killed and 5 are injured and doctors are not sure they will survive. Six Flags is being sued big time by relatives, friends, and family members of these victims. A nearby who witnessed this accident, Stenny, said that

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Around The World Tour For Astronaut Paid By The People

Before going on the suicide mission to Mars to meet the extra-terrestrial creatures currently inhabiting there, Stenny has decided to go on a world tour. She says, "I want to see every bit of the world possible before I leave it." We interviewed her family on what they think about this trip to mars. They said,"We all admire her wishes, but I am still scared for her even if she isn't." Her family asked for help on the Go Fund Me page to pay for her trip to see the world. In total they have raised 2K. American citizens are trying to make her life better for the last 1-2 years of life. It is unsaid, but Dr. Jackson Suineg has given a lot of hints that she would not be able to survive this mission. NASA has donated

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