Soft Covered Flats

-A framed flat covered with muslin or other soft materials

-Soft-covered flats are best constructed with wood frames

-Soft covered theatrical flat. This flat is framed flat and covered with muslin. The

framing is usually 1"x3" pine laid flat and the joints are held together with key

stones and corner blocks.

The muslin is glued, stapled and then sized. This photo shows the methods of

building a flat, however, you'll notice the size doesn't look right. It's not. this flat

is 2 feet square.

Hard Covered Flats

  • A hard cover is used when you a durable set piece is needed

  • Lauan is the typical product used for hard covering a flat

  • Hard covered theatrical flat. Much like the soft flat in it's framing, this flat offers a more sturdy wall surface. If actors are going to be brushing upon the walls, a hard flat is called for.

Curved Walls

  • Built from an adaption of studio-flat construction techniques
  • Uses top and bottom rails toggles made from plywood or stock
  • difficult to handle and require large storage space
  • Well, these aren't really flats per-se'. But the method is the same. You will need to make a curved inner structure and then cover that with strips of wood forming ribs. This all will get covered with whatever covering you wish to use

Studio Flats

  • Also called Hollywood flats or TV flats
  • Combination of traditional flats and residential framing techniques
  • Used for film and television production
  • More rigid and stronger than traditional flats because the flat uses a two foot framing centers

Steel Flat Frames

  • Steel is becoming an alternative to wooden frames for hard covers
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