New England Colonies

Also by: Pablo Calderon


  • The founders of us were John Winthrop, Thomas Dudley, and other non-separatist Puritans. They mainly made us for religious freedom
  • Our ways of making money were through mixed farming, fishing, and shipbuilding
  • We were Corpit then Royal
  • Our size is fairly around a medium amount of people
  • Mahican, Mohegan, and wampanoag were the three main tribes that were there before
  • Finally we are sepeartists and puritans for our religion
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New Hampshire

  • Our fellow creator was John Mason as he founded us in 1623 for farming
  • Mixed farming and Manufacturing were the ways we got our cash, and our main crop was wheat
  • We too were Corpit then Royal
  • Our size is small and were mainly from England
  • Abenaki and Pennacook were the native inhabitants before us.
  • Our established religion was puritan
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Rhode Island

  • Roger Williams made us an official colony in 1626 for religious freedom
  • Our money maker way was through Mixed farming
  • We are a self-governing corpit
  • Size population is medium
  • Narragansett, Wampanoag and Niantic were our inhabitants
  • We established no religion
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  • We were founded by Thomas Hooker in 1635 for religious freedom
  • Mixed farming was how we made our money
  • We are also a self-governing corpit
  • Population size is medium
  • Our native fellow's before us were the Quiripi, Mohegan, and Pequot
  • Finally we are Puritans
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