How To Make A Scarecrow.

Made out of materials found at many places.


Sticky tape, 15 plastic bottles, old jackets, shirts, pants, hat (optional), library bag.

Step 1

Grab the plastic bottles and get the sticky tape.

Step 2

Put 3 bottles on top of eachother then sticky tape them together. Then do the same but dont connect them. These are the legs.

Step 3

Do the same as Step 2. That creates the arms.

Step 4

Get 4 bottles and then put 2 on top of eachother and then do it again with the other 2 then stick them together on the sides. This is the body

Step 5

Grab a bottle and stick on top in the middle of the body. Thats the head.

Step 6

Stick the legs under the body and stick the arms at where the shoulders would be.

Step 7

Put the library bag over the head and put on all the other clothes.

Step 8

Put it in the garden.


The Screcrow is complete. Just remember, you dont need to buy one, you just recycle and reuse.

By Alex G, Year 6, 6I