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Family Connection 3/27/22

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SHARKS in the Learning Commons? Yes...and everywhere else this week.

  • In PE, there will be Shark Games
  • In Music, you'll explore the power of music to evoke strong emotions
  • In Shine Lab, hear the book about Eugenia Clark, Shark Lady and do your own book trailer project
  • In Art, you'll do some ocean inspired creations
  • In the hallways, you'll find "shark facts" and decor to make you think you're in a shark tank yourself!
  • In the classrooms, you'll explore the world of oceanography and environmentalism.

Wednesday: We'll meet with our very own SHARK LADY from Team ECCO, Inc. Each class will spend time hearing about the adventures of a shark scientist from the aquarium in Hendersonville. Visit their website to see what this aquarium has to offer:

Friday: All students will receive a copy of the Shark Lady book. Students will be given the chance to sign each other's books as a keepsake. This book is beautiful with wonderful text features. Plan to spend some time reading together and learning about this amazing shark scientist.

Shark Lady by Jess Keating I Read aloud I Biography books for kids

PLAYGROUND MEET UP: March 24 Reflections

We had beautiful weather for the Playground Meet Up last week. At APS, we are always looking to reflect each day and make adjustments that bring a spirit of inclusivity and responsibility to our environment. Here's this week's reflections:

  • We did an "okay" job of cleaning up. Since our students know where everything is and clean up after themselves during the day, let's make sure we guide them in cleaning up all materials for the Meet Ups, too. Getting out the materials to play also requires the responsibility to put them back in all the spaces.
  • During the day, we have 5 areas of the playground and each has been deemed safe for specific activities so that we are able to steer clear during play and play well together. Please take a look at the diagram below. There are signs posted on the playground fences to remind everyone what types of games are best in each area. All school rules for safety are expected and families are responsible for monitoring their children so that everyone can play safely.
  • Last Thursday, we stayed on the field and garden areas until the buses left, but that seemed to be difficult for young ones to understand (those not staying and those eager to get on the swings). In order to open all the areas at once, we will adjust the time next month to 3:00-4:15. Clean up will be at 4:05 so that all can participate together.

It was such a great experience to be able to play together in the sunshine! This is a good time to make connections with other families and making future plans for play dates with your child's friends. Please join us for the next Playground Meet Up on April 25th 3:00-4:15.

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Use this link to order an APS shirt anytime. (Remember shipping has been taking awhile, so it may take a couple of weeks to get it.)


APS Volunteer Interest Form

Fill out this form to indicate your interest and availability to volunteer at APS. Please remember that all volunteer activities are subject to Covid restrictions and safety protocols.


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WINNERS NEVER QUIT! Journeys AR Read Aloud First Grade Lesson 30
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Do you know Malala's Story? Research it with your family to find out more.

Anti-bias Parenting Workshop

Click here to sign up for a workshop for parents who want to foster an anti-bias environment at home. Title I funds paid your fee so it is FREE. Log in and participate at your own rate, based on your own schedule. HURRY...this offer expires in May!


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Upcoming Events

April 7 Battle of the Books

April 11-18 Spring Break

April 28 Allan Wolf Visit

Volunteer Opportunity

If you would like to help us decorate for Shark Week, show up from 9-10 tomorrow. Adults only since we want the results to be a surprise for the kids.

Attendance & Tardies

If your child is absent or tardy, please send a note in to the teacher or email with an excuse. Documenting why students are out helps us keep accurate records. If you receive a letter about unexcused absences, you can submit notes for previous dates as indicated on the letter. If you chose to self-quarantine, you will need to send in a note. We thank you for your patience as we all work together to help Ms. Kett keep accurate records off site. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 350-2900.
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At this week's board meeting, the decision was made to change the mask mandate to OPTIONAL VOLUNTARY MASKING beginning MONDAY, MARCH 14th. We know this will bring some big emotions for some students and staff. Please take some time to discuss your family's choice and how your child will proceed with masking. According to the new masking decision, staff will not be monitoring whether or not your child is wearing a mask appropriately. Please discuss as a family what your preferences are prior to Monday.

Feeling anxious? Let us know if your child has big feelings around this new decision. We will support some strategies for feeling safe and calm about the new change.