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October brings...

We've quickly wrapped up September with several activities such as Curriculum Night and our first round of midterms.

As we begin October, one of the kids FAVORITE months, we have a lot to look forward to. As educators, sometimes we think about all of the animated and engaging lessons we prepare that will WOW our kids, but truthfully... most often than not- it's the fun experiences and moments together that our kids remember the most. October is one of those months of the year that bring lots of excitement and memory making moments for our kids- especially in Elementary.

This month is national bully awareness and prevention month, as well as, Red Ribbon awareness. Both of these topics will be focused on through our classroom guidance lessons with Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Trella. We have our school book fair scheduled for the week after fall break, some field trips sprinkled in, our 1st report cards go home on the 25th, and of course, our Halloween celebrations. We all know that is probably what the kids look forward to the most. Our celebrations will look a little different than they have before, but we are going to permit as much as we can while still making sure we follow the necessary procedures.

I love this time of year and all the fun that comes with it. It's also the time of year where our routines are in place, and our kids are settling in and working to reach goals. I look forward to sharing experiences and pictures of all the fun from this month with you.

Picture Day orders

Schoolhouse photos did a great job with the kids on Thursday. All families should be receiving an email with student proofs sometime this coming week. The proofs will be sent to the priority 1 email addresses that we have on file through Infinite Campus. Families can purchase student photo packages or singles through that link. If you don't receive it, please check your spam folder. You can choose to have the photos delivered to the school for free. Orders not placed after the 1st week will only have the option to be shipped to your home with a small shipping fee.

If you decide that you are not satisfied with the first round of pictures please just let your child's teacher know and we will make sure that they are listed for our retake day in November.

Keep in mind that Schoolhouse photos staff maintained 6 feet distancing during photos, and did not alter the look of any student.


Our FRC coordinator, Kelsee Aker, will be sending home information soon regarding holiday support, whether you are in need or would like to help out a local family. She collaborates with many different partners and supports the Union Community with various resources.

If you have any questions you can reach her at

Natural Development observations

The last 2 years have been difficult to navigate for everyone; especially our kids. They have missed out on a lot of traditions and experiences, or you name it. We anticipated academic setbacks like we’ve never experienced before, and prepared ourselves to tackle standards from previous grades to ensure mastery was fundamental for our students. However, we are finding that the academic setbacks are not as widespread as we thought they would be; granted there are some areas of setbacks but generally speaking our students persevered.

What we are finding however are setbacks of another nature. Setbacks in basic self-help and independence of many of our students that were once a part of their natural development are surfacing. This, we did not anticipate to be so widespread. There is an overwhelming amount of students who are overly dependent on adult assistance that we’ve not seen before. The level of dependence varies but overall we are finding that many students are overly dependent on others to do basic things for them. For example, when asked to turn to a specific page in a book, students wait for an adult to help them do that, or we have students who are unable to pack themselves up at the end of the day and put their materials and lunch boxes into their backpacks. In some of our older grades we have children who cannot tie their shoes, or tell their left from their right.

We understand that some of these are a result of an interrupted life for the last 2 years, which is why we are professionally discussing how to help address some of these skills within the school day. Some skills however, are best modeled and reinforced at home so that students develop the independence that will make them successful in a variety of areas. Students who are overly dependent on assistance will struggle greatly and show lack of progress compared to their peers.

Did you also know that students who can skip and walk up and down stairs by alternating feet are more likely to be strong readers? Crossing what is called the midline promotes the coordination and communication of both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This is a vital part of development for all children and can effect both reading and writing. We do activities at school every day, as well as, incorporate midline activities in physical education to strengthen midline crossovers, but some students need more intentional activities built into their day to strengthen their coordination and communication of the hemispheres. We also need to encourage productive struggle, and rescue our students as soon as they come across something challenging. By allowing them to process and sometimes fail, we are allowing them to build neuro pathways that will strengthen and grow over time.

I’ve linked a couple of brief articles about self-help skills and crossing the midline for further investigation, but there are many, many research based articles on these subjects that are available.

The more opportunities we give our kids to be independent the better we prepare them for the world and achievement of their goals. We all want our kids to be successful and happy, and together we can help them achieve that.

Help yourself! 8 tips for teaching kids to be more independent- Today’s Parent

Over-parenting: 8 signs you are doing it- Intouch parenting

Age by age guide to teaching your child life skills- Family Education

Are you over-parenting? Family education

5 Basic skills to Teach Kids to become independent

Crossing the body’s midline

Why is crossing the midline so important? Growing Hands-on kids

5th grade Entrepreneur Fair

The 5th grade E fair was AMAZING! We definitely have some very creative and business minded students in the making! It was also very impressive to see how the kids have evolved in their "business plans" and products. Wow! There is no doubt that some parents were heavily involved, which is great, and we wanted to just say thank you! The teachers were able to take a lot of photos for the yearbook, but hopefully we can get a slideshow together so that you can witness the creativity and fun of the day.

Curriculum Night

Thank you to all who were able to come out and visit our faculty for our Curriculum Night. We appreciate the opportunity to build a relationship with you and to share information regarding content and expectations for our children. If you were unable to make it, I have linked information from our website below for your access. This will take you to our webpage where you can click on the Curriculum, curriculum night, and then the grade level you are accessing.

Curriculum Information


As the year progresses we will begin exploring opening up several activities that we have previously had.

Girls Basketball- Looks like we will have 4 teams. Information has been sent out and practice days (Monday / Wednesdays) are set.

Archery- We are intending on moving forward with our archery team this year! A parent informational meeting is being planned and information will be sent out soon.


The PTO website is fully functional and ready to accept memberships and orders for yearbooks. You will need to set up your account so that your child receives products you may order.

Our PTO is one of our most valued relationships and the parents that volunteer on this committee provide invaluable opportunities for our kids and staff. We thank all of our families who join and volunteer!

Big picture

Keep'n up with the Calendar! (dates will be added/ revised each month as needed)

October 2021

6th- Superintendent's Student Advisory Council
8th- No school

11th- No school

13th- Book Fair begins / FRC Advisory Council meeting
14th- Kindergarten field trip
15th- Popcorn Friday!
18th- 1st quarter ends!
25th- Report cards go home for all students
26th- CASE assessment Reading (2nd- 5th)

27th- CASE assessment Math (2nd - 5th)
29th- Halloween celebrations

9th- Parent / Teacher conferences 4:00 - 7:00 pm
11th- Veterans Day! /// Parent / Teacher conferences 4:00 - 7:00 pm
18th- SBDM @ 4:30 pm
19th- Popcorn Friday
24th- 26th- No School / Thanksgiving Break
29th- Dec. 3rd : SEL survey

December 2021
3rd- "PNO" (parent's night out) 6:00 - 9:00 (PTO sponsored event) more to come

16th- SBDM @ 4:30
17th- 2nd Quarter ends!
20th- Jan. 3rd - WINTER BREAK

See you in 2022!!!!

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