Creativity Tools: Koma Koma & Vidra

Midway ISD


  • An easy stop motion animation app
  • Just four simple buttons
  • Create a video for anything that goes through a process or a timeline
  • Saves to Camera Roll
  • Exports as mp4

Classroom Ideas

Stop Motion Objects

Everyday items - food, toys, figurines

Whiteboard and dry-erase markers

Paper cut-outs



Sticky notes


Planning and Storyboarding

You cannot have a good animation without a good story. The story comes first. Before capturing photos for the stop motion video, have students use a storyboard to plan an outline for the stop motion video. See examples below.

  1. Storyboard Plan
  2. Transitional Shapes and Moves
  3. Printable Paper Storyboard Templates
  4. Karen Lloyd's Storyboard Templates
  5. Storyboarding in Action
    Woodgate - SB1
    Woodgate - SB2


  1. Secure your camera so that it does not move.
  2. Create a backdrop for the setting to keep it clear of unwanted background items.
  3. Use a whiteboard if you can illustrate with drawings.
  4. Legos give you both characters and set.
  5. Clay can be used to morph simple shapes into more artistic shapes.
  6. To add narration to your KomaKoma stop motion video, open the exported Koma Koma video in the iMovie app.


  • Easy, fast way to create a video
  • Tell an story or share an idea with the world
  • Add text, images, voice recording, icons, slide transitions, and music
  • Exports as video to Camera Roll
  • Free version great for classrooms


  1. Open Vidra and explore.
  2. Create a "How to..." presentation
    Examples: how to bake a cake, write a paper, etc.
  3. Include a minumum of three pictures.
  4. Include a voice recording and music
  5. Export to camera roll


  • Resizing Images - Tap the image to select it, then pinch and drag to resize
  • Settings for Background, Transitions, and Music - Tap the gear icon on the toolbar
  • All slides will have the same music and timing
What will your students create with Vidra?

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