BY Christian leffingwell


Hello and welcome to my country.We look like a flower. Thailand is the best country because it is not to big but not to small.We have a gulf of Thailand which gets us a lot of people.We are trying to bring the western idea to work in are country.We have a lot of people 62.4 million people.We love the outdoors which we use to bring people to come to are country.


Are country very good at rice farming. We have a lot of oceans which means that we beach which are really nice by the way. We very tropical because it rains it is always hot here.


The tailand really nice they are buddsa. The people of tailand live around 73.3 years which that is just avaverge of the time that people live for.They are very heathy which for beach front countery that is very good.The girls have to go to school for 13 year insted of the boys that only have to go to school for 12 years.There is only 3.4% of people that do not have a job.When there is 15 deaths there is 1,00 births which that means that there more to sell to and more to help you out when you are tailand.