29Prime Reviews - Legit or Scam?

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** 2016 UPDATE **

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29 Prime - A brief Summary on Our Findings

How I got this data - search for terms like "29prime reviews" "29prime complaints" or "29 prime scam" and read the reviews left on sites like Yelp, Glassdoor, etc.

29prime - About

Ranking locally can be a powerful tool in small businesses' marketing plan, as it makes a small company turn into a big company online. When you are in the top 3 Google search results on the first page for a specific location the conversion rate is growing, as locals who search for your keywords are going to find you first. Of course, for this to happen, you need the services of a marketing company, whose experts in SEO and digital marketing can optimize your website for specific keywords and location.
29prime is an SEO company which promises to help entrepreneurs and site owners rank higher in search engines and increase their visibility.

What can 29prime offer to website owners?
29prime was established in 2010 and claims to help small and medium companies grow by enhancing their online presence. The company is focused on local optimization and promises to offer to their clients, effective solutions to develop their businesses using the internet. 29Prime provides:

  • unique domain name
  • optimization for front page visibility in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines
  • real time reports
  • 24 hours customer care

How it is to work with 29prime?
I haven't worked with 29prime, but thanks to people who did work with the company and left a review online I can know what to expect from 29prime, or at least, I know what their former clients were faced with. Unfortunately, the reviews are mostly negative, which is a red flag.

Cold calls are the specialty of 29Prime (at least thats what I gathered when I read the reviews on the web)
When you first check the online reviews for 29prime you come across a huge number of people who complain about the cold calls they receive from 29prime. A large number of business owners tell how they were called by representatives of 29prime who told them they work for Google. In the very own words of a reviewer, the first contact with the company begins with a lie.

The calls are made from local numbers and when the receiver picks up a robot informs him or her that the Google business listing is about to expire and they need to talk with someone to renew it. Then, they are passed to a consultant who clearly states he is calling on behalf of Google and that he works for the company.

If the entrepreneur agrees to work with 29prime, he or she is being charged about $200 per month. The representative promises the website is going to show up on the first page in Google search engine, but this never happens. If the business owner wants to talk again to the 29prime representative, he will be told the representative is on leave or no longer works for the company. When you want to cancel your account with 29prime and get a refund, the representatives are not going to talk to you and many former clients of the company tell how they were simply hung up on. What is disturbing is that Google still remains silent to this scam and even shows 29prime as being one of the top local SEO Company.

Working with companies with bad reviews is risky – you never know if you will be a lucky exception or if you will stumble upon the same issues other people faced. To make sure you are reading sincere reviews, not paid ones, you have to check multiple sources. For example, in our case, on Google you will find about 50 reviews about 29prime, most of them favorable, while on Yelp you will find more than 100 reviews, most of them negative. This itself is a red flag, as it means someone deleted a part of the reviews. To make sure you are going to sign with a reliable company, check what other people say about the company and how they rate it.