Culture of China

By: Tiara McKitrick


Capital: Beijing
35ºNorth, 103ºEast
How It Started: Homo Sapiens appeared about 50,000 years ago.
Sometime in the late eighteenth century BCE the Hsia were defeated by the Shang.
- They took over the middle and lower regions of the Yellow River.
- The Shang dynasty marks the beginning of Chinese history.


Social Class: King, Scholars/Officials, Farmers/Peasants, Artisans, Merchants

Foods: Southern:
Rice and Shark Fin Soup
noodles and dumplings made of wheat flour.
hot and spicy foods
Area around Shanghai:
shrimp and fish for cooking.
- ham-and-melon soup

Wear a lot of red. - luck and fortune
Traditional Festivals = Men wear suits, Women wear a skirt.

Mandarin Chinese

No alphabet
- 50,000 words
- 3,000 commonly used
- Started putting ideas in drawings. (ideographs)

Led by the Communist Party of China
Highest level:
National People's Congress


Beliefs: multiple different religions
- Taoism
- Confucianism
- Buddhism
- Islam
- Christianity

Holidays: New Year's Day - January 1
- Spring Festival - Subject to lunar month--month between new moons (3 days)
- Qingming - April 4 or 5
- May Day - May 1
- Dragon Boat - 5th lunar month
- Mid-Autumn Day - August 5
- National Day - October 1

Adopted Culture: KFC, Pizza Hut
Helped or Hurt?: Helped them. Different kinds of foods. More variety.


- Most begin at age 4.
- No buses, have to walk or ride a bike
- Many kids learn English.
- They only have 2 vacations ~ One month in winter, and one month in summer.
- Schools are open 6 days a week.


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