EL Happenings. . . Did you know?

Volume 3 Issue 9

Teacher Takeaway

Do you need a timer, notes, dice roller or random name caller (and other fun items) all on one screen? Have you tried ClassroomScreen? It might be just what you are looking for!

Curious about Flipgrid? Here's a video from our Tech department to get you started:


Ramadan May 5 – June 4th

Ramadan is a period of introspection, communal prayers in the mosque, and reading of the Qur'an.

Those observing do so in various ways: Please remember to be sensitive to tired, thirsty, and/or hungry students.

Summer EL Professional Development Opportunities

Wondering which sessions will intentionally focus on your English Learners??? Try out some of these:

SIOP Training 8:00 am on May 28, 29, & 30

EL Unconference for Collaboration 8:30 am on June 10

Differentiating or Scaffolding for ELs - What is the difference? 8:00 am & 1:00 pm on June 11

SIOP Refresher - Building Background 8:00 am on June 12

SIOP Refresher - Comprehensible Input 1:00 pm on June 12

Writing for EL Level 3 and Beyond 8:00 am on June 13

WIDA Access Sneak Peak 8:00 am on June 14

The Language of Your Content 1:00 pm on June 14

EL Book Study 1:00 pm on June 17

WIDA Lesson Planning 8:30 am on June 19

Cultures of Perry Township 8:30 am & 12:30 pm on June 20

Speaking Academically 12:30 pm on June 24

Writing for ALL EL Levels 12:30 pm on June 25

Secondary Math and the EL Student 8:30 am on June 26

SIOP Refresher - Practice and Application 12:30 pm on June 26

SAVE THE DATE-EL Planning Meeting May 15th

ILPs: Have you developed a team to plan for next year's student services? What changes will you make based on what you learned this year? What worked well for your EL students? How will you share this information and continue to grow our students? We look forward to meeting with your school teams on May 15, here at PTEC.

Don't forget to plan for July 15 - a PD day for ILP writing!

PD Express

WIDA Access Reports

Standardized Testing for ELs

WIDA printed reports have arrived! Reports will be mailed home to families this month. Every building test coordinator will have the ability to print reports for the building. The reports will be available in Skyward when the 2019-2020 school year begins. If you will need paper copies of these reports in your building before they become available in Skyward, be sure to have the WIDA building test coordinator print them for you.

Moving Notice. . .

Some EL District Offices are moving! Maria Montiero, Lisa Netsch, and Whitney Wilkowski will be moving upstairs in PTEC. All phone extensions will remain the same. Please find us down the hallway, in the southeast corner, near the spaces for PD, in rooms near 256.

District EL Coaches

JJ Tidd

Email: jtidd@perryschools.org

Twitter: @JJTidd

Nichole Seal

Email: nseal@perryschools.org

Twitter: @NicholeSeal2