The Civil Rights Movement

By: Celina Spencer

Movement for the people..!

The civil rights movement has come along way in making the United States a more equal and just society. The civil rights movement made a big impact in many peoples lives. The movement got everyone wild up. Many people took action in helping with the movement happen. The movement was about everyone being equal instead of being based off of your race, religion, color, etc. People took action and went on strikes, made speeches and so much more. The people wanted to be heard instead of ignored by the whites as they usually were.

Actions in succeeding

During the civil rights movement during 1954 to 1968 there were a lot of actions that were in forced. Yes, of course many of the strategies were legal. The movement had a civil protest. Examples of that was sit ins, marches,and freedom rides. There were many more tactics that came along with those, but those are only a couple that were included in the movement. Each of the tactics were planned to succeed in the movement.

Civil Rights Movement: Most significant event

Top Five:

1) President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act: People aren't going to be able to be judged by there race,color,etc.

2) Martin Luther King jr. arrested- Anti segregation

3)14 year old Emmett Till-Beaten and stuff by white woman

4)Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee- Students who try out the new segregation laws.

5)March on Washington- People who stud up for what they believed in.

The Important Ones:

1) National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP): People who planned protest and such. Founded in 1909.
2)Black Panther Party (BPP): People who fought against the police. Founded in 1966. Program for children.