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So You Have Contacted Us For A Reason?

No matter what you have been through or gone through; our law firm is here to help you get through it. As a new client you should know the basics of what you'll be going through and experiencing through our time together. This flyer is here to guide YOU through what it is you'll be dealing with. As well as giving an idea of what each thing is so you will never slip up.

Words and Actions You'll Need To Know About.

Basic Words

Plaintiff- Is the party who issues a lawsuit.

Defendant- The person being accused of doing something ex. you

Trial- a formal examination of evidence in front of a judge

Complaint- Basically a document stating the facts of the case (You'll have one of these)

Verdict- A judgement or decision made

Appeal- Apply to a higher court for a review of your case, basically another try.

Vocabulary That You May Not Know

Summons-The request to actually appear to court

Pleadings- Where a party submits their claims and defenses so you are sticking up for yourself.

Mediation-A way of solving disputes between to parties.

Arbitration- Alternate dispute resolution

Preponderance of Evidence- The set of evidence you need for your case.

Pre-Trial Conference- Basically a meeting before the actual trial to get other things settled for the case that will not be settled during the actual trial.

I hope we helped you understand all you needed to know.. & don't forget Edwards Law is always here for YOU