K-Prep Newsletter

Ms. Lynne & Ms. Alison

Important Dates

Wexford Place Visit

Thursday, February 11th

AM Class~ 10:30-11:00

PM Class~ 2:00-2:30

Parent Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, February 17th

Thursday, February 18th ~ 1/2 day

Spring Break

March 21-25

February Calendar

Please note your child's snack day for February. The calendar will be posted outside our room too.
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Valentine's Day Celebration

We will pass out Valentine's Day cards during class on February 10th. Please have your child write their name on each valentine. Please DO NOT address the envelopes. We will have each child decorate a bag and help them pass out their valentines. You may want to include stickers or a piece of candy. Please remember that all candy must be peanut free. That also means that it was not manufactured in a plant that also processes peanuts.

AM Class has 16 students

PM Class has 14 students

Way to go Carson and Gavin for showing "Joy" during the month of January.

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Snacks Needed

We would like to have a snack with our friends at The Wexford Place. We need 4 people to bring in 1 large package of Oreo cookies and 4 people to bring in Valentine napkins. Please let me know if you are able to help out.


AM Class used all 5 senses when we popped our popcorn!

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Kindergarten Enrollment

Many elementary schools have their kindergarten enrollment dates on the calendar. Call your child's elementary school to inquire about paperwork your child will need to enroll for next school year.

PM Class learned about our 5 senses.

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Fun Resource

Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD is a great and fun resource to learn letters and their sounds. Your child will have fun joining in with the songs & story. You can find at the library or on Netflix.

Fruit of the Spirit awards go to Hudson and Cameron. They showed us what Joy looks like during the month of January.

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Wexford Place Visit

We will be visiting Senior Star at Wexford Place Thursday, February 11th. This will be an awesome opportunity to interact with our community. We will sing songs and share Valentine's Day cards with the senior residents. We would love to have parents drive and join us on our outing. Please sign up if you are able to help with this event.

The Wexford Place

6460 N Cosby Ave.

Kansas City, Mo 64151


Conferences will be Wednesday, February 17th and half day Thursday, February 18th. Please sign up for a time to conference with me. Conference times are located outside our door.

Help Wanted!

Please help us get your child ready for kindergarten. We work daily to help them become problem solvers, independent and confident. Your child knows to enter the classroom, place folder in cubby, hang up coat, take a seat and write their name on their paper. They can do this! You can help us by praising them when they accomplish this on their own. Please encourage your child to put their own coat on and zipping it up too. These are skills they will need in kindergarten.