Mesopotamia culture

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culture intoduction

Culture is every where. Culture is a way of life for a group of people who have the same customs and beliefs. Every civilization has different culture, for example the Egyptians wore different clothes than the chines. People have culture because it shows who they are and their family came from and it gives them orderly fashion celebration. Culture effects people in many ways. The five ways that culture impacted the River Valley Civilizations are religion, writing, architecture, innovation, achievements, etc. Religion is effected by culture by having history with your traditions or customs. Writing is effected by culture because people with different culture writes differently than other cultures. Culture effects architecture by having people build buildings to worship their gods so they treat them well. Culture effects innovations by having people make useful items instead of having to do it by hand. Culture effects achievements by making people worship gods to pleas them to have an achievement.

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Statement: Achievements paved the way for more complex life for the river valley

Example #1:

  • The laws were the very first written laws of hammurabi's code.

Example #2:

  • They invented days, weeks, hours, years, and seasons to know the best times to farm.

Example #3:

  • Writing was a great achievement no human could memorize all that information. They needed to keep track of how much food they food they had




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Culture conclusion

Culture affected people in five different ways. One way culture affected people was by religion. religion affected them by what they did and build, like ziggurats and prayed in ziggurats to worship their gods. Another reason is writing. It affected them by having them write what believe in and what they did. Another reason is achievements because achievements make life easier to live. Another reason is architecture, that affected people by having people make statues of themselves pray to please their gods. The last way was innovations. Innovations affected them by making them make what they need to make to make their lives easier. Culture was a major role to people in the River Valley Civilization.