Explorer of Wind

by David Gorski

General Information of Wind

The definition of wind is fairly easy. You know that strong breeze you feel when you are are outside playing Frisbee. That is the wind bowing at you. Show now you have it. But, people always wonder how wind is created. Wind is caused by the differences in air pressure.

Locals Winds

Local winds that blow over short distances and they can blow in any type of direction. Local winds are created or caused by geographical features that produce temperature differences.

Global Winds

Global winds are winds that bow over a larger area and they are more known. Global winds are created of the combination of Pressure Belts and the Coriolis Effect. Okay, plus did you know Earth contains a giant convection current the spreads from the equator to the poles. That is how most weather is formed, warm air goes to the top and cold air goes to the bottom. The link down below will tell info of the global winds in a specific area.