Emerging Leaders News

January 11, 2016 Bi-Weekly Newsletter

The most important thing is that sometimes you have to go through hard times to get to the good stuff.- Abby Wambach

Welcome back Emerging Leaders!

I know that everyone is back in the swing of things within your schools. I just want to take a moment to prepare you as these next few months will be very intense. Things will start to speed up both at work and in the program. Just remember, that although this work will be difficult, it is worth it. Stay the course, put in your best, and the results will be amazing!

See you all on the 20th.

Assignments and Action Items

1. View the Cycle 5 Web Tutorial-Available Now in Canvas

2. Teacher Surveys will go out 1/20. See Information section for more info on this survey

3. Assignment 3 is due on Feb. 12. It will be posted in Canvas on 1/23. Please make a plan to have all components of the assignment completed on time.

4. It's almost time for Learning Meeting #2. Please visit this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16XDFPTEAEqVqeHDcx1hlw_bWRsxBE7ScrARCXNUgMY8/edit?usp=sharing to sign up for your preferred times.

This link will close on Jan. 21st. More info will be forthcoming regarding LM#2.


1. Our next session, Cycle 5 is on Jan. 20th at the PDC. Same time, same room location.

2. Teacher Survey: ELP Talking Points

Reach Out to Teacher Team Members

It is strongly recommended that Emerging Leaders reach out to their teachers, communicate the purpose of the survey, and request their completion by the indicated due date. This will facilitate teachers’ completion of the survey. Below is information that may assist you in your understanding of next steps and communication to survey respondents:

How to Share the Survey with your Teacher Evaluators

1. Choose a meeting scheduled to occur during your city’s survey window : Jan 20th-Jan 27th

2. Forward the teachers the anonymous survey link that you were sent before the meeting. Link: https://nlns.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_2gy3coQpszztUoZ

3. During the meeting, explain the purpose of the survey to your teachers, how their responses will be used, and what steps will be taken to protect their confidentiality (see “Messaging for your Evaluators” below)

4. Depending on whether your team will have access to computers and internet during your meeting, select the most appropriate next option.

If teachers have computers/internet access (IDEAL SCENARIO): After sharing this guidance with your team, (be sure you’ve forwarded them the link) direct them to the survey link that you sent to them, and provide them with at least 20 minutes to complete the survey online (you should leave the meeting room during this time, so they can complete the survey in privacy).

If teachers do not have computers/internet access: After sharing this guidance with your teams, direct them to the survey link that you emailed to each of them earlier, and ask them to complete the survey on their own time by your city’s survey deadline.

4. Track survey completion by following up with your teachers and collaborating with your ELPD and New Leaders Research and Evaluation staff.

Provide verbal and/or emailed reminders to your evaluators in advance of the deadline, to ensure each person remembers to complete the survey


1. Reducing video size for Canvas

Canvas limits the size of video uploads to 500MB which is frequently insufficient for the video files you are recording.

If you have a file that is larger than 500MB, we recommend you follow these instructions to reduce your file size by converting it in ClipChamp (https://clipchamp.com).