Persuasive Language In Pop Culture

The Power of Persuation

What is persuasive language?

Persuasive language is using argumentative strategies to persuade the audience to have a specific point of view on a topic and/or influence their thoughts and actions. This is done through providing reason and examples to support that particular opinion.

How is Persuasive Language Used in Everyday Lives?

Persuasive language isn't just presented in an essay written in classes, rather we cross paths with persuasive language everyday all around us. Persuasive language is used in advertisements that we see on billboards while driving, on TV commercials, in restaurants, on the radio, and many more. They are trying to convince us to buy a particular product, vote for a specific person, watch this movie, and so on.

How Persuasive Language is Used in Pop Culture and How to Use It.

Persuasive Writing

To effectively argue a point and persuade, you need the following components:

One: Make a claim.

Two: Provide evidence to support your claim.

Three types of appeal

  1. Logical
  2. Emotion
  3. Moral

Watch the three videos below and determine what the advertiser's claim is and what type of appeal is being used.

Boots and Pants Maxwell Pig - GEICO Commercial
Nike run for your life
FULL VERSION: McDonald's Commercial with LeBron James and Dwight Howard


Now that you know how persuasive language is used, look for persuasive language around you on a daily basis and write a reflection about how often you come across it, where you find it, what it is trying persuade you, what type of appeal is used, and how effective you think it is.