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This hear you will learn about Mesopotamia

Map of Mesopotamia

This map shows the Mesopotamia area and what countries are in the area

This hear is a question that can be answered by you do u think?

This map up top is what the Mesopotamia are looked like and maybe still do? Do you believe that the area is still the same as the past make a guess?

What type of climate does Mesopotamia have

What you will see today is what Mesopotamia means where it's located and what are the two rivers names

This hear is about Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia is made up of two rivers? what do u say what Mesopotamia means? This means middle of two rivers. The two rivers names are the Tigris and Euphrates. Mesopotamia is located in the Fertile Crescent or is now in Iraq .



1900b.c Akkadian becomes the mainpoken and written lauges

1800b.c Hummuri unites much as of Mesopotamia

1600b.c hittites raid Babylon

1400b.c kassites control south Mesopotamia

This is the historian time line

The requirements of a civilization

Urban revolution

New political/military structure

Social structure based on economic power

The development of complex technology

Development of writing

Distinct religious structure

New forms of artistic and culture activity

Laws for Hummurbias

If anyone is committing a robbery and is caught they will be sent to death

If you hold a solve in your house and they are caught they will be sent to death

If anyone stills the minor son another he shall be put to death

If persons are stolen then shall community and pay one Mina of silverpoint their relatives

If anyone buy cattlemen sheep which the king has given he lose money

The Hummurbias laws

The reason why the Hummurbias laws are important is because that they keep peach with there people and kings so that there will be in order .

The story of king Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh was e king of Urk which was a country in Mesopotamia he and his friend Enkidu

Wanted to go on an adventure so they wanted to go to the cender forest .so after that when they got there they climbed on top of a mountain where the air was crisp. So then they went up to the forest then the demon came and they went into a fight.then they won and they packed and headed for home.


Some of the farming qualities water rich soil and more. Some difficulties are flooding drought and more.this has been about farming and agriculture.

Poison fields

The poison/ irrigation help make the land and destroy it because of war and polluted areas where you could not grow food
Mesopotamia eats wealth like well meats such as cows sheep steak pigs.but the slaves from Mesopotamia they will eat the left overs.
Mesopotamia lives beside the water because its easier to have to farm for rich soil food drink calendar and lots more.

Steps to farming

The first step 2 farming is canals and irrigation for redirecting the water.

Step 2 regulators to raise and lower the water level

Step 3 a farmer will be allowed a little bit of water amount

Step 4 u must plough flood harrow sow water harvest

The hanging garden

Nebuchadnezzar 11 ruled the world for 43 years starting in 605b.c

They where built by the Assyrian queen for five years reign for in 810b.c

This was the height of the city's power and influence

The invention

The four inventions are chariots wheel sailboat writing

They all have in common is that they all use the same thing because we use today so that's a big different all that stuff we use today

The cuneiform

Cuneiform is the way of writing

The Sumerians invented it


The different classes are

1st class king priest

2nd class merchant

3rd class framers slaves


Wat is ziggurat is a step tower

Ziggurat is meant for houses and places and towers