Soccer getting popular!

by: Amy Letaro


Block, Block, Block, KICK! The goalie refuses to let the ball fly into the net. Hands, knees, head, feet, these are all the body parts goalies use to protect the black and white sphere racing for the 8 yard long target.

GOAL!!! Screeches the magenta purple jersey team. This ball barely slipped of the rattling fingers of the opposite team's goalie.

Right under these words there is a picture of the filed with all the lengths\/

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Wow That's Awesome!

Did you know that soccer is one of the most beloved sports in the Olympics. Lots of famous people play soccer, just like you can become famous if you would like to give soccer a go. I'm not telling you that you have to play soccer but I just want you to give soccer a chance if you think it sounds kind of like a sport you like. So of you go out and try soccer have a party or something about soccer!!
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