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Laura B. Sprague School Newsletter - March 5, 2021

Students Track Their Steps

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Sprague students were encouraged to track their steps for the month of February. Students rock climbed, skated, skied, rode their bikes, and hiked resulting in thousands of steps being added to their pedometer.

Student Receives Achievement Award

Kindergartner Oliver Thorn was named a 2021 Outstanding Student Technology Award recipient presented by Infinitec, an assistive technology program.

Oliver uses a combination of low and high tech communication systems. He switches between a 60 word core board and a dynamic display vocabulary system called TouchChat used on an iPad. TouchChat gives an individual the ability to navigate through page sets and speak messages. Words, phrases and messages are spoken with a built-in voice synthesizer or by playing recorded messages.

"Oliver has been very successful with the application and has shown an increase in verbal skills. The use of this technology enhanced Oliver’s ability to interact with family and participate more in home language activities. The application has allowed him to communicate more clearly what he wanted to do," said Anastasia Alter, assistive technology facilitator with the Exceptional Learners' Collaborative.

Your Opinion Counts

Only 13 percent of Sprague parents have answered the state-administered, Illinois 5Essentials Survey. We need 20 percent of the Sprague parents to take the survey in order to view the results.

This 20-minute survey is a great way for D103 parents to provide input into the five indicators from the survey that affect and predict school success:

  • Effective Leaders

  • Collaborative Teachers

  • Involved Families

  • Supportive Environments

  • Ambitious Instruction

This 5Essentials survey is designed to generate a detailed picture of the inner workings of your child's school. As a parent, this opportunity allows you to share your thoughts on the important elements of school effectiveness in a survey about your child's school.

Summer School Registration to Open

Please review D103 In-person Summer School offerings and remote school courses for students in grades K-7. For detailed information about summer school, please read the recent e-notice on summer school registration. Registration opens March 9 after 9:00 a.m. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at summerschool@d103.org!

Global Book Club

During the month of March, Sprague is hosting a Global Book Club! This year's theme is celebrating a nation of diverse readers! To participate please do the following:

  1. Print out the World Traveler Passport record keeping sheet.
  2. Each school day in March a Seesaw activity will be pushed out on your child's iPad. The Seesaw activity will include resources to learn about a specific country that may include a read aloud, virtual fields trips, crafts, songs, and dances.
  3. After your child explores a country, the child can color in that country's flag on their passport! There are even extra spots to explore a different country of your child's choice! This is an optional activity for your child to enjoy and explore on their own.

No matter how many countries your child has visited by the end of March, please take a picture of your child and their passport to send to mvanduch@d103.org or text it to her at 847-791-3749.

Vision & Hearing Screening

The state of Illinois mandates vision and hearing screenings for various grades. Please respond to this brief survey if your remote learning child is in one of these grades.

Students in early childhood, kindergarten, and second-grade are mandated by the State of Illinois to have vision and hearing screenings. Please use this Google form to indicate whether you want your child to be screened or if you would like to defer the screening at this time.

Students in the first-grade are mandated by the State of Illinois to have a hearing screening. Please use this Google form to indicate whether you want your child to be screened or if you would like to defer the screening at this time.

Reporting Student Absences

Please be aware that because we are in a pandemic if you call your student in for an absence, we need specific details as to why your child is not attending school. Unfortunately at this time, we can not accept messages that just state that the student will not be in school. If the information is medically sensitive in nature, please contact the school nurse directly. We understand that there are alternative, non-illness related reasons for absences that occur, but because of the current pandemic situation, we need to know that is the case for the absence in order to ensure the continuing health and safety of the students and school staff. Please report absence to 847-945-6686 or Ls_attendance@d103.org.

District News

Internet Filter Update

We have recently applied new rules to our internet filter in order to better protect our students from running into any inappropriate content. Also, in an effort to continually improve our network operations, we are planning to pilot a new internet filter that will be pushed out to district iPads in stages, beginning today, Friday, March 5 after school.

The purpose behind this pilot is to see if this product is a better option for protecting our students when they access the internet.

You should not notice any significant changes in how your child's iPad works or what learning tools can be accessed.

Board of Education Meeting

The next regular Board meeting will occur on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. The notice and agenda can be found on the District 103 Board meeting website page.

Partnership News

Meet the BOE Candidates

The PTO invites D103 parents and Lincolnshire constituents to join the organization for an opportunity to meet the dedicated individuals running for school board in this virtual venue at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 17. Please register for the PTO sponsored virtual event.

Virtual 5K Run-Walk

D103 PTO's virtual 5K run/walk event is now open.

In order to keep our community safe and continue to raise funds for our school district, the D103 PTO will host its first ever (hopefully only) ​Run for D103 VIRTUAL 5K Run/Walk. Please visit the Run for D103 website to learn more about the event and register.

Community News


Chicago Rush Soccer offers a spring after school program. Look for details on their website.

Year-Long Events