Meet the Zebra

Here are some facts about the zebra

Top 10 Facts

1. The zebra can go without eating or drinking for 3 whole days.

2. They eat grass and plants.

3. They also hunt for their own food.

4. The Nile River is 4000 feet long.

5. Zebras are really mean.

6. Zebras are black and white with stripes.

7. Zoos are helpful for zebras.

8. They're really fast.

9. They're bigger than a horse just with black and white.

10. They run in packs.

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The Zebra Poem


I like them.

Ask me why.

Because they are black and white

Because they run in packs

Because they run really fast

Because they they hunt for their own food

Because they their the same as a horse but with black and white stripes

Because they really mean

Because they they eat grass and plants

Because they can survive without eating or drinking for 3 days



Because. That's why

I like zebras

Zebras are amazing animals

The zebra should not be kept in a zoo because they need to be free in the wild they need their food to find and not be given and make their own shelter. Also the need their friends a mom and dads to take care of them. Or live alone with, food that they got for hunting and going out to get water. Zebra's are responsible.