The Spanish in Kansas

Immigration to Cherryvale, KS

By: Miss Heckathorne


Our immigrant group is the Spanish. They are called Spaniards.


Our immigrant group came from the northern region of Spain. This region is called Asturias. Specifically, this immigrant group came from Arnao, Castrillón, which is a district of that region. Originally, this group immigrated to Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Then, the group moved further to places like Illinois, Missouri and Kansas.

Once our immigrant group immigrated to Kansas, they settled in Cherryvale, KS.


The Spaniards immigrated away from their homeland in search of better wages and conditions.

They came to Kansas because they were following the zinc trail. Many of these immigrants worked in the zinc industry in the United States. They had a lot of work experience and would move from one place to another, circulating between the different sites of zinc production and smeltering.


When the Spaniards came to Kansas they found many good things. They were following job opportunities in the zinc industry and found many opportunities in Cherryvale. Also, they found a lot of Spaniards, as they tended to move together and form communities with a common background.


The Spanish began coming to Kansas in the early 1900s. The Edgar Zinc Company opened in 1898 and shortly after that large business opened the Spanish began immigrating to Cherryvale to work in the zinc industry.