Henry Ford

By Nick Finley


Henry Ford was the first person to make a car he made the model t car that people can afford it but it take to long to make so they and to speed it up by five minutes but some people want a raise so then he gave them five dollars and lower there time in the factory


Henry Ford was born on July 30 1863 in greenfield Michigan he loved to fix things as a kid his dad asked him if he could fix his watch and then he and every one was coming to him to fix there watch he went to one room school house as a kid.

professional life

Henry Ford ran a business with is son and his friend when he first made the car he had to make it big so then he went in a race with some guy who was the good then affter the race he was the best and went on the newspaper and everyone wanted henry fords cars and every every car dealership wanted his cars and henry got sick and had his son run his business then henry died on April 7, 1947 in greenfield Michigan at age 30.


My conclusion is that Henry Ford was the first person to make a car but then no one wanted to buy in tell he went in a race then people wanted his car for them self he made it so people with not that much money can buy it.
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