Followers are called Jews


Some beliefs of Judaism are, Sabbath-holy day Friday evening to Saturday eve and the goal is to have a good life. Some traditions are only eating Kosher food (no pork, shellfish, or mixing of milk and meat products) also bar (boy) Mitzfah at age 13 or bat (girl) Mitzfah at age 12 to become a member of the congregation. The god they worship is Adoni and there common holy sight is the holy temple in Jerusalem. Their holy book is the Tanakh and Torah and their common figure is Abraham. They Worship in a synagogue and their worship leader is a Rabbi. Their most common sects are Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed. Judaism holidays, worship days, are Rosh Hashanah-new year, Yom Kipper-Fasting ends, passover-angel of death, and Hanukkah-celebrates miracle of oil lasting 8 days.


For Christianity their holy book is the bible, for the Jewish their book is the Torah, and for Islam it is the Qu'ran. The all worship Abraham and they are all monotheistic. Below is a video about it.