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About Law Offices of Tim Powers

Attorney Tim Powers graduated with honors from Tulane University Law School in New Orleans and worked as a special prosecutor and an assistant district attorney in Denton County, Texas. Today, he applies this experience to lead his own legal firm, the Law Offices of Tim Powers. Individuals seeking legal representation for criminal charges in Denton County can turn to the firm for expert counsel.

The law firm represents individuals facing driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges. Its expert attorneys communicate with each client to understand what occurred. In addition, they ensure that the police followed correct drug and alcohol testing procedures and protected clients’ Constitutional rights during the traffic stop. They use any procedural violations or evidence gaps to help create the reasonable doubt necessary to avoid conviction. Attorneys support clients through administrative license revocation and criminal proceedings. Throughout its history, the firm has helped many clients successfully fight DWI charges and also helped juveniles avoid the long-term consequences of an underage DWI arrest.

The Law Offices of Tim Powers offers free consultations for any individual who needs representation for a DWI arrest or criminal charge. Staff field calls from prospective clients during business hours each weekday and accept evening and weekend appointments to accommodate clients’ busy schedules.