5th Grade News

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Important Dates

Tuesday 10/27 - Just Say No Assembly @ PAC

Friday 10/30 - Fall Parties (9:30 - 10:15)

11/9 - 11/13 - Mid- 2nd Quarter Fact Fluency Assessments

Thursday 11/12 - STEM Night 5-6:30

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

11/25 - 11/27 - No School - Thanksgiving Break

Other Information:

  • Students are still collecting Pop-Tabs to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Kansas City.

  • Box-Tops for Education - We still collect Box-Tops at Westview. Each box-top we collect equals 10 cents for our school!

Academically Speaking

Reading: Book Club Discussions

Students have been participating in Book Clubs and engaging in meaningful conversations about text. Our goals for Book Clubs include coming prepared, listening carefully to others’ ideas, communicating our own ideas, and citing details from text that support our thinking. We will continue to focus on these goals all year in our Book Clubs. Next week, we will revisit determining the main idea of text and identifying supporting details. This skill will help us to begin writing summaries and verbally summarize text.

Math: Dividing Mult-Digit Numbers

Students just wrapped up a Chapter 4 of EnVisions starting their venture with long division. As we begin chapter 5, students will be finding whole-number quotients with up to four-digit dividends and two-digit divisors. Skills they will be using to understand the long division process are place value, properties of operations, estimation, and finding 1 and 2 digit quotients. Students will be taking practices home a few times a week for extra practice at home. Please make sure your student continues to practice Reflex at home. Math fact recall is extremely important for understanding the complexity of 5th grade math.

Project Based Learning - Science & Social Studies

The students completed their Smore blogposts about their this week and shared their work with a high school student. The high school students will provide the 5th graders with feedback and comments. This projects has allowed us to explore researching, geography, information writing and most importantly the students learned about an authentic audience. Sharing their work with people beyond the walls of their home and school and use critical feedback to make improvements.

Science: Scientific Method

The last two weeks the 5th graders have been given the task of designing parachutes for the army. The students worked in collaborative teams to construct and build parachutes that would hold army people in the air longer. The students completed: scientific drawings, built and tested their parachutes, made changes to their parachute based on their observations and then retested their parachutes.

Ask your child what they learned about:

  • Variables
  • Controls
  • Scientific Method
  • What makes a good parachute?



  • Read 100 minutes per week outside of school
  • Log minutes using MyOn online or on paper copy
  • Answer 1 question per week from the required list if you choose not to do MyOn
  • Additional Homework will be sent home if a student does not finish an assignment

Reading Logs are Due - Friday - October 30th.

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