June Ovation Award Winners

Global Support Operations

Let's give a round of applause to GSO June Ovation award recipients!

Ovation rewards individuals for performance that impacts strategic objectives within our organization and exemplifies the key Verizon goals.

Nancy Perry

Nominated by: Stacey Davis

Since GSO CE was formed in March, Nancy Perry hasn't stopped her fever pitched pace to get things done, make a positive impact, and improve the overall CE through improved FCR results. Nancy traveled to India and Manila to train the Tech Partners on the BTR pillars, held a large and strategic BTR Summit in Atlanta for employees and partner POCs, has shown tireless dedication and has managed to inspire a hardened team of previously uninspired individual contributors. Nancy epitomizes all the qualities of a great leader who leads by example and deeply respects her employees and makes them feel valued.

Susan Pearson

Nominated by: Kit Schenkel

Susan Pearson supported the TeleVista OneShare pilot in Dallas. She was instrumental in helping the site set up off line operations essential to effectively handling customer concerns. She also spent many hours on the floor helping agents new to Billing handle their calls, navigate their systems, and learn products and procedures to ensure they had a successful launch. Susan took it on herself to reach out to other resources in Verizon when required to track down specific customer issues and get answers out to the agents that needed them. She also made herself available after her on-site support to help the center and follow up with questions about procedures, customer scenarios etc. She took the whole task on very personally embodying for the site and her peers that today is Best, tomorrow is Better.

Ericson Mangali

Nominated by: Dustin Walker

CCM Ericson Mangali stepped up to the plate over the last 60 days by taking led as CCM for additional Philippines call centers while the backfill process for the second Philippines CCM was being processed. In addition to CCM for Pasig and Quezon City, Eric unselfishly also picked up the Novaliches center, while also lending assistance to the day to day management of the Makati center. Eric's team first attitude allowed the Philippines centers and GSO team to continue focusing on performance despite being down a CCM. Eric's dedication and leadership have been greatly appreciated by the entire Philippines GSO team!

Coming to you from: GSO Employee Engagement Team