CIMR Newsletter

2nd December 2015

Here Comes Christmas

Good evening good students of CIMR. Firstly, an apology. These newsletters should have been sent out every Sunday evening, and for the last two Sundays it hasn't happened. I'm sorry to those of you who were bitterly disappointed. However, given the warm reception of the first issue (and thank you to many of you for sharing your approval), the incentive to keep producing these publications is clear, and therefore you will be receiving the newsletter each Sunday from now on.

More excitingly, Christmas is approaching. The CIMR is audibly buzzing with Christmas jolliness. From festival jumpers to strings of colourful Father Christmas lights, people seem to be getting into the Christmas spirit. Hurray. Good for us. Keep it up.

This issue of the newsletter contains a notice from me regarding the new student noticeboard (EXCITING TIMES!), some messages from Welfare Alex regarding welfare, a reminder from Sporty TomO regarding the Frank Lee 5-a-side for January, an important notice about 2016 Young Person's Retreat from Academical Stephen, and Social notices from Sociable Silvia and Samiha.

So yo-yo-yo (as in ho-ho-ho) should read on!

Guy Pearson
Student President 2015-2016

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General Gosip

Student Noticeboard

Floating along the North, East, West, and South corridors of the many levels of the CIMR is the rumour that there is due to be a student noticeboard. Indeed, I've notice many people clustering in groups whispering frantically, which I can only assume to be regarding the noticeboard.

Here, I confirm those rumours. It is going to be on the wall outside the Sackler Lecture Theatre outside the canteen next to the other board.

The future is bright.

Please rejoice.

Academical Activities

Young Person's Retreat 2016

Thank you for responding to the survey regarding the Young Person's Retreat. Based on your feedback we are looking to hold a Young Person's Retreat in the summer of 2016. The plan for this will be to hold it with another Cambridge Institute (e.g. LMB, Gurdon, Sanger, etc). in a location outside (but nearish) Cambridge. The proposed structure at the moment would be for 2/3 days (2 nights). The date would likely be in late July or early August.

If you would be interested in helping to organise the event, please email Stephen Burr ( It goes without saying that this would look good on any academic CV.

Social Scene

Student Christmas Party

Hopefully everyone is excited for the Student Party tomorrow evening. The venue is Fitzbillies restaurant (on Trumpington Street) at 7.30pm. It's going to be a fantastically fun evening, so please dress accordingly.

NotWorking Hour

The next NotWorking hour will be on the 11th December (the Friday after next). The theme is going to be festive fun, and hopefully there will be mulled wine and mince pies, so get excited for that!

Wel fare Well

Friday Student Lunch Table

Every Friday we have the big table in the canteen reserved for us students from 1215-1315. All students are invited, and it is a great place to meet people in other labs. Hope to see you there!

Welfare Support

Alex Davies is the CIMR Student Welfare Officer. Feel free to get in touch by email ( or track her down in lab 5.2 with any questions or concerns. All will be treated confidentially.

Sporty Stuff

Frank Lee 5 A Side

In January the CIMR are entering a team into the 5-A-Side football league at the Frank Lee. Here we would compete against teams such as the LMB (booo!), as well as various clinical teams (booo!). All are welcome no matter of ability or lab. We'll be asking for sign-ups closer to the time, but it's never too early to get excited!