News from Room 4

September 22, 2017

What will be learning next week:

*Language Arts Unit 1: Week 4 – Pets

-Vocabulary: Adorable, Dear (loved very much), Needs, Sensible,

Train (to teach a person or animal to do something)

- Grammar/Conventions: Punctuation (.?!)

-Spelling Words: clip, flip, slip, flag, black, plan, glass, place, win, sit, come, good

- Skill: Sequence of events (Beginning, Middle, End)

Important Notes:

-Send in Apples and Apple Books

Friday, September 29th, we will celebrate the last week of September by making applesauce. Please send a few apples by next Friday, the more apples we have the more apple sauce we can make. We will be graphing the different kinds of apples before peeling, chopping, and cooking them. Yummy! If you have 21 extra plastic spoons or bowls, please send them in for the applesauce. Thanks! Next week we will focus on Johnny Appleseed. If you have any books or apple stuff, send that in as well.

-Email Address

PTO needs your email address. I will pass along the class list of email accounts that I have unless you tell me you DON'T want them to know your address. I will send them on Monday so email me ASAP if you DO NOT want PTO to have your email address.


SSF offers after school care in room 12. They have great staff that can help with homework, play games, and watch your child from 2:38 until 6:30. It’s a very flexible program where you can drop in any day or schedule a day out of the week. When you're running late for pickup It's very nice to send your child to a supervised room instead of them hanging out in the office lobby.

-Empty Cartons with twist on top

The garden would love any empty 1/2 gallon milk or juice cartons with the screw top on. We need them for students to help water.


Please send in a snack with your child EACH day. I have many children eating my extra snacks each day. These are for students who truly forget a snack once not each day. And a HUGE thank you to the parents who have remembered each day and are packing healthy snacks! Your'e really using habit #2, keeping the end in mind.... a healthy and happy child!

-Parent Volunteers

Thank you for signing up and we will begin the week of October 9th. I still need one more reading parent. If Monday doesn't fit your schedule Friday would be fine. I really need 4 consecutive days for the reading program to maximize the full potential. If the morning doesn't work then afternoon would be fine too. I do like the morning best because students are more "ON" however, I will take any time on Monday or Friday. Please send me an email if this could possible work for your schedule. NOTE: You must have an up to date TB test to start volunteering.


A fun counting homework packet went home today in the Friday folder. Please do it with your child. It will reenforce making tally marks which we have been practicing. Please send it back to school by Friday.

-Wish List Items

Thank you to all the parents who picked up my wish list items however, only one blue stool came in. If you decided not to buy the item no problem but if something has been ordered please let me know so I don't buy too many of the same thing.

Habit #3 Put First Things First: Work First, Then Play

Next week we will focus on Habit #3.

Here are a few tips we will be talking about that you can do at home:

-Do you have something important that you always lose, like your favorite toy or your belt? If so, find a place right now were you will always keep that special thing.

-Clean your room really well, and then go show your mom or dad. Watch how happy she or he gets!

-Do you have a place for your homework books? If so, then keep up the good work. If not, ask your mom or dad to help you make a place to keep all your homework.

-Since we have seen how important shoes can be, make sure that you have a good place to put your shoes every night. (We will read a story about shoes on Monday.)

-Talk to your mom or dad about how they take care of their important things.

Educreations Video: Habbit #2

This week we focused on Habit #2 (Begin with the End in Mind) through the study of, The Little Red Hen. We read many different versions of the book, studied the characters, gave them advice, and after planning how to, we made bread.

Little Red Hen Books

Thanks Dustin and Alison for sending in Little Red Hen books!
Big image

We made bread! Yummy!

Math Collections

They're starting to put them in groups of 5's and 10's!

Tally Math

Practicing our tally marks.

Painted dots for Dot Day!

Big image

Book Shopping

We chose new book today! If anyone has a desire to organized books, come on in! I have a ton that need put in correct bins. Please give me a heads up on the day that you can pop in.

Lunch STREAM Lab

Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the STREAM lab is open to students during lunch play time.

Complement Circle and Treasure Basket

Educreations retelling the Little Red Hen

Upcoming Events:

-September 25-Mrs. Campbell will be attending a math training in Del Mar school district

-EVERY Tuesday-Library books DUE

-Every Friday - Mrs. Campbell's bag of books are due

-October 9th - First day of volunteers!


Christy Campbell