Fall Creek Elementary Phy. Ed.

Teacher: Mr. Martzke

PE Newsletter April 2015


  • Just a reminder that the Jump Rope for Heart envelope and money are due this Friday, April 24th if you are interested in participating
  • Last chance for your child (K-1) to become a member of the "Shoe Tying Club", just have them bring in their colored shoe once they have learned to tie their shoes on their own. We are hanging all of these shoes up in the elementary gym.
  • With the warmer weather we will be going outside, there will still be some cool days, so make sure your child has a coat/sweatshirt and tennis shoes at school.
  • Students can still turn in their March Physical Activity Calendar to Mr. Martzke, I have not received many, remember, the class with the most returned calendars will receive a "Free Day.


  • During March, our 4th-5th grade students played Apple ball.
  • Our K-3 students enjoyed another one of their favorite times of the year, the tumbling unit. The kids worked on tumbling and balancing activities.
  • 8 minute club for all students in 1-5, K ran for 5 minutes once again.
  • Students K-5 are currently in our jump rope unit


  • 9 minute club at the beginning of May.
  • Students in K-5 will be starting some fitness activities next week.
  • Outdoor activities during May
  • 5th grade track meet is tentatively set for Thursday, May 28th here at Fall Creek


During the 4th quarter, we will once again, be having a student teacher from UWEC. Mitch Olson started with me on April 8th and will be with us until the last day of the school year. Mitch is a graduate of Chippewa Falls high school and was a member of the UWEC football team the past few years. If you see Mr. Olson in the hallways, give him a big "Fall Creek Hello". We look forward to his time with us.

One last reminder, students that are filling out the activity calendars, should have received the April calendar earlier this month. The activity calendars are a great source to keep our students active outside of school, even when it's cold outside. Your child doesn’t have to do all the activities on the calendar. If they are involved in sports or other activities like playing outside, check off the date on the calendar. If you didn't receive a calendar, you can print a copy from the link below.

April Activity Calendar

The link below is for an article that discusses the benefits and importance of recess during the school day.